Sierra Leoneans must rally behind APC for a better Sierra Leone


By Sulay Conteh :

Sierra Leone was colonized by Britain, a form of imperialism that is deeply despised in today’s free world.  It was the SLPP Party that valorously led Sierra Leone from colonial imperialism to the noble club of independent nations in April 1961.  Bathing in that valorous victory, it was not until 1967 that SLPP lost elections to the then opposition APC Party.  Although many still today contend the 1967 election as controversial, the reality is that APC went on to effectively take control of government and rule for over three consecutive decades.

In fact what was another period of repressive rebel imperialism; the NPRC Junta came in in 1991 and broke the APC rule for a period of about half decade.  Following that break, SLPP again came in handily to take Sierra Leone from the second repressive imperialism to unfettered freedom and political pluralism.  This time around, SLPP maintained control of government for a period of about decade.  During this time, SLPP solidly laid the foundations for multiparty democracy and national prosperity on a type of impartial bonus-malus system of governance.

Then under another SLPP-conducted election, APC again took over government in 2007.  It was also a highly controversial election in the eyes of so many in Sierra Leone.  Irrespectively, it was indeed the start of the Prophesy of “History Repeats Itself” in the politics of Sierra Leone. Given then our past history and our current reality, it is very clear that APC will continue to rule for several more decades to come.  This is a non-partisan prophesy, a prophesy that is born out of realism in reality. This prophesy is something like “come what anymore for APC diehards”.

He who refutes reality could likewise look foolish in illusion. As bitter-sweet as it could be, reality is not always what we want but it is always what we have to live with. It is therefore required of all of us to be human enough and take pride in realism to successfully change our circumstances for the better.

As such, it suffices to say that he who chooses otherwise is bound to ply the life-long road to untold suffering. This could not be helpful for a peaceful Sierra Leone in any way anyway.  As such, it is high time we dropped all this-and-that and rallied behind APC to build a better place we all can call our motherland.

God Bless Sierra Leone!

By Sulay B. Conteh


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