Sierra Leone’s second coronavirus victim speaks out

Dear all,

I am sorry to announce that I have been tested positive for the Coronavirus. I started having mild headache and weakness Sunday night,

I sneezed once that night and on Monday evening the sneezing and running nose intensified. So Tuesday morning I isolated myself in my office and got tested, although I thought it was a regular cold. As I am a part of a pillar of the national response team I am exposed and will expose a whole lot of other people if I did not know if I was positive or not and kept going to meetings, so I decided to think of the bigger picture and get myself tested. I don’t have any recollection of being in contact with someone that is positive and I have not travelled recently. The rest is history.

I am on my way to 34military hospital now. I trust in God and I know that he will take me through. 🙏🏾

In my job as a medical doctor I care for people and I have been the strictest of persons in terms of IPC, God only knows how I contracted it. For those, who were in contact with me please get yourself tested if you have symptoms, otherwise isolate yourself. I am now asking you pray for me and the whole of Sierra Leone! Thank God I got myself tested. 🙏🏾

Stay at home and take social distancing seriously. God is always in control, in Jesus Name!! 🙏🏾

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