SLPP bribes young men to impersonate APC youths at Bintumani Conference

Cornelius Oguntola Melvin Deveaux 
These are not APC youths. It’s the hand work of the SLPP and certainly show the level to which the SLPP can sink in their quest to paint a negative picture of the APC.

Also, Alpha Khanu and Victor Foh are not representing the APC.
The opening session is now over and from the presentations made it is clear the country is divided, the rule of law is not applied fairly, the constitutional violations are breathtaking and speaker after speaker emphasized the need for peaceful coexistence. No political party was accorded the opportunity to present a position statement and the President said the conference is not about politics and politicians. Also, it is interesting to note that the Sierra Leone Labour Congress was not invited to this so called all important meeting. The APC has been vindicated from any blame for not attending this fake peace conference.

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