SLPP Faction Leader, Boss Fallay’s Atrocious Lies and and Propaganda about President Ernest Koroma

SLPP Faction Leader, Boss Fallay’s Atrocious Lies and and Propaganda about President Ernest Koroma

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Joseph S. Sherman, Editor-in-Chief, Salone Monitor (
SLPP’ s Faction Leader, Agustine Boss Fallay

Whenever we talk
about patriotism and love of country, we have to rule out sell outs, political
opportunists and SLPP faction leader Augustine Boss Fallay et al., a man who has
spent years in the U.S.A.’ with nothing to account for in Sierra Leone or his
village.  He is not ashamed of venting out his frustration and lies to decent
people in the United States to cover up the atrocities and mayhem the SLPP party
is re-introducing in Sierra Leone.  However, if Mr. Fallay feels that the
international community is blind to realities on the ground in Sierra Leone,
then he must be dreaming and living in a utopian world.  Not to mention his
track record of dishonesty and mafia activities in the U.S.A.,  it should remind
every sensible and patriotic Sierra Leonean that the credibility of Augustine
Fallay is at stake because of telling fabricated lies about the Government of
President Koroma in a calculated attempt to sell his cheap propaganda to the

It should be noted that Augustine Fallay, a man who is heading a
divided SLPP faction in the United States was in 2006 charged with criminal
conduct. FBI agents, working with the San Francisco district attorney’s office,
led him away in handcuffs when he was a building inspection supervisor on
suspicion of bribe-taking.   InUnited States judicial system once a man is
charged with criminal conduct, his credibility is at stake and his character
becomes questionable.  Criminal procedure is the branch of American
constitutional law concerned with the state’s power to maintain an orderly
society.  So if a lawyer like Augustine Fallay could distort the truth by
reporting that there is “arbitrary arrests, detention and torture in Sierra
Leone, “where is Fallay’s moral conscience?  Or can we say that he is still
inclined to his criminal activities? Democracy in display-butchering and stabbing of innocent Sierra

Indeed it is no surprise that Augustine Fallay is among
the clique of criminals in United States that are still blind to realities of
the SLPP’s thuggery and violence which they exhibited in Kono, Bo and recently a
Bye-Election in Constituency 104 at Fourah Bay in Freetown.   Why these cabals
of criminal men didn’t report the butchery and mayhem they did to innocent
Sierra Leoneans at the elections which they want to use as a camouflage to hide
their dastardly and atrocious deeds.   Why didn’t they report those ghastly and
atrocious photos the SLPP partisans meted to innocent Sierra Leoneans during the
conduct of the elections which Augustine Fallay is hypocritically complaining to
the international community?

Truth is certainly a branch of morality
and a very important one to society.  This is most definitely true because where
would we be today without the certainty of truth?  Some of the difficulties that
we encounter while living in a civilized world is, would-be intelligent men to
distort truth and embrace falsehood and lies.  As a result, numerous wars have
been fought over interpretations of the truth, and continue to be fought today.
In addition to the principle parties in the conflict, other sources may also be
held accountable to distorting the truth and key among them is a biased media
source which the SLPP has employed to propagate their sinister plans against the
government of President Ernest Koroma. Fadika an APC convert stabbed by SLPP thugs

To be
completely honest or truthful, I have learned and thought about the many
different ways of truth.  To many people truth is perceived differently, but
inevitably there is really only one absolute truth.  There can be much deep
thought and philosophical teaching on truth, but what I have learned is that it
is really simple.  Truth in my mind is a very black and white subject, it either
is or isn’t.  Whether someone is telling the truth or not is a whole different
story.  At the end of the day Jesus says it best, “Then you know the truth, and
the truth shall set you free.”  (John 8:32)

In conclusion, Augustine
Fallay if you are a true patriot of Sierra Leone devoid of ethnic and party
interest, then you should be cognizant of the irresponsibility, violent and
thuggery that have defined the SLPP in Sierra Leone.  Intimidation and coercion,
outlaw and political ineptitude have been the hallmarks of the SLPP since they
lost power in 2007 and no amount of propaganda can hide these stark political
realities.    All these clearly indicate that the hypocrisy of hiding the truth
by people like Boss Fallay and the SLPP is a dangerous illusion and road map to
greater disaster.

All and sundry should know that the SLPP catastrophic
mistakes that they made over the past decade by years of misrule and bad
governance should come to an end.  Democracy cannot be built and fostered by
lying, distorting facts and self-righteous myths of ethnic-based and highly
personalized regime but by collectively focusing on a common agenda that will
benefit the common good



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