SLPP fires all Regent Chiefs in the North


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By Karamoh Kabbah

Let it be known to the world and your local authorities that the SLPP government has summarily sacked all regent chiefs who have legitimate right to their various thrones to be likely replaced by politicians who are poised to pervert the sacred rite to chieftain nationwide with a flimsy one-size-fit all excuse that their subjects are complaining them. This happened without regards to procedures of removing chiefs or due process but rather a blatant assault on our hard earned good governance and democracy. The question is, where are the class action complaints against all the chiefs by all of the subjects at once? Man these guys are full of mischiefs. Take the word out guys or next it would be your house being taken away from you simply because you are adorned in red clothes.

Richard Shealton Freeman Please avail your self with The Chieftaincy Act enacted by the APC to know the status of an appointed Regent chief to that of an elected Paramount chief and how they can be removed from office.

Karamoh Kabba If addressing issues that are in variance with democracy and good governance, in my opinion, is divisive, I will continue to be divisive.

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