Saturday September 3, 2005

After months of fractitious wranglings and maneuvres , the SLPP battle for the Presidential nomination goes down to the wire on Sunday when the party’s National Delegates Convention elects who replaces President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah and bears the party’s presidential standard in the 2007 General Elections.

Our Freetown Bureau Chief , Tamba Borbor,  was yesterday packing bag and baggage ,  ready to take off for Makeni where he will cover the convention , in what should be a sensational battle between 6 people who do not only want to lead the SLPP but desire to become the next President of Sierra Leone.

According to reports from Makeni, the town is said to be boiling with convention fever and motels and hotels have been jampacked by delegates and others attending the convention. Banners of the green SLPP palm tree symbols have been plastered all over the town . The government has  also moved to beef up security in the town to forstall any eventualities.

Supporters of the various candidates have been seen arriving in jubilant convoys. Reports talk of indescribable excitement in Makeni .And there will be more excitement today with supporters dancing through the city.

The convention itself will benefit Makeni. Apart from the economic boost the town will enjoy from all the money that will be spent  by the thousands of visitors, Makeni will go down in history as the town where the SLPP was made or unmade in about the most chaotic interregum ever in the party’s history.


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