SLPP : Sierra Leoneans want to know the truth-Why has Maada Bio been dropped from SLPP UK/U.S. delegation ?


The Sierra Leonean people want to know the truth from the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP ). First of all, the people want to know whether it is true that the SLPP had put everything in place for their controversial flagbearer Maada Bio to tour  the United Kingdom and the United States , as being reported by some newspapers in Sierra Leone.


Let it be said that  many Sierra Leoneans have nothing against such a tour as it is common knowledge  that the wind of democracy is spreading throughout the country. Though it is certain that the tour will be used to continue perpetuating the SLPP’s campaign of lies, distortion and wicked propaganda against the Ernest Koroma Government ,Sierra Leoneans will always draw inspiration from the fact that   political thinking patterns in the diaspora  are sophisticated and advanced which makes the International Community and stakeholders not to be gullible, especially when they have their own people on the ground. The world knows about the impressive  socio-economic and political developments in Sierra Leone under President Ernest Bai Koroma. They will therefore not be easily swayed by the SLPP propaganda, however well-orchestrated.

What is in fact of serious concern to Sierra Leoneans is the fact that the SLPP is not telling people the truth. At a time when the ruling government is engaged in the practice of the highest form of transparency and accountability by even taking the Open Government Initiative ( OGI ) to the doorsteps of Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora, it is disappointing to realize that the SLPP is not being open and truthful with the people as the APC . Suddenly, we are learning from the media that SLPP officials have disclosed that Maada Bio has been dropped from the SLPP tour of the UK and the U.S.

According to the EXCLUSIVE newspaper of Freetown, “The National Secretary General of the Sierra Leone People’s Party, Suliaman Banja Tejan-Sie, has intimated this press that the party’s Presidential flagbearer Brig. (Rtd) Julius Maada Bio will not be part of the SLPP delegation that will be touring the United States of America (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK).”   The paper went on to say that “According to the SLPP Scribe, the exclusion of the Presidential flagbearer has nothing to do with several reported claims about his immigration status. The exact purpose for the Diaspora tour, according to lawyer Banja Tejan-Sie, will not be made public until the National Executive Council (NEC) of SLPP endorses the tour.”

This information, if true, is disturbing and worrying to Sierra Leoneans. Knowing the “Pa O Pa”  (At all costs ) mentality of the SLPP Flagbearer   Maada Bio , it is a fact that something must be going really wrong for him not to travel with his party to the UK/U.S. on what we believe is a Sensitization Tour.  This is the kind of tour that Bio would give everything to attend. We can say for a fact that the SLPP Scribe, if quoted accurately, chose the right word when he said that Bio was dropped from the tour. The Verb ” Dropped ” does not denote a voluntary action on the part of Mr. Bio or the SLPP Executive .  From a connotative point of view, it seems the SLPP Leader was forced out of the delegation by circumstances beyond both the control of the Presidential candidate and the party Executive.  Will the SLPP  be truthful and upfront with the Sierra Leonean people by telling them why Mr. Bio was dropped from the tour ?  It is imperative that the people know the reason because Maada Bio is aspiring to be President of their country and whatever affects him now will affect the country if he achieves his goal .

Was Mr. Bio denied a visa ?  Was he denied the opportunity to tour with UK and the U.S.  by authorities of   these countries ?  The Sierra Leonean people want to know. The reason they want to know is that  the answers carry a tremendous implication for the future of the nation. If the answers to these questions are in the affirmative,  then the situation portends deep trouble for the country. Bio is not likely to win next year’s Presidential elections. President Ernest Koroma is hot favourite to claim a second term. However , lets assume for a moment that Bio does pull a surprise against the odds . Does it mean that Sierra Leone will have a President who will be barred from doing business with the U.K . and the U.S ? Will Sierra Leone have a President who will be a persona non grata abroad ? What will that mean for a nation that depends on the International Community and stakeholders for its sustenance as it strives valiantly to recover from a destructive war ? The answers are obvious: It will spell doom for the nation.

This is why we want the SLPP to be truthful with the Sierra Leonean people.

If it is true that the UK/U.S . have decided not to allow Mr. Bio into their country, it means that in the interest of the nation  the SLPP will have to swallow their pride, eat humble pie and go back to Convention and re-elect a leader acceptable to the nation and the International Community. It may also mean that Sierra Leoneans are right after all that with his past record of extrajudicial killings and human rights abuses,  Maada Bio may be carrying too much excess  baggage to be a President accepted by the civilized world ( To the detriment of our country ) .

May be, the SLPP should have listened to the voice of reason after all.

But let the people of Sierra Leone know the truth first. Why is Maada Bio not coming to the UK and the U.S ?

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7 Responses to “SLPP : Sierra Leoneans want to know the truth-Why has Maada Bio been dropped from SLPP UK/U.S. delegation ?”

  1. Emmanuel S. E. LeighNovember 7, 2011Edit

    Dear Sir,

    Please allow me to publish an article in your newspaper. The article is titled ” Transparency in Financial Reporting for Public Sector Entities in Sierra Leone”. If my request suits you, please direct me how I should present the article to you.

    I am a private citizen in the diaspora, though I hold a reputable position in an office.

    Best regards,

    Emmanuel S. E. Leigh.


  2. Maada Bio is contending to become president of his country Sierra Leone and not president of the Uk/USA. If he is capable of being a good president for Sierra Leone, the people of Sierra leone don’t care or want to know if he can travel to these countries or not. Other diplomats would gladly fulfill those functions which will leave him with enough time to provide effective leadership to the country. Besides, apart from UK and the US, there are more than 100 countries out there that Sierra Leone can collaborate with to contribute to its economic development. Stop wasting your time on all kind of irrelevant issues Mr writer. Time for serious business and stop fooling around with the people.


    • It is unfortunate for M. Jalloh to make such a statement and given justification for that. First of all yes there are lots of countries rather than UK/USA but we are not talking here about quantity but the contribution a country can make to Sierra Leone which made it partinent for our leader to have good relation with these two countries. Mind you Jalloh be reminded that when these two countries rejects you, there must be an authentic reason and so there fellow counterparts will follow suit.It is not seen because Maada is not travelling to those countries yet. However, we Sierra Leoneans want a leader that is free from any form of restrictions whatsoever so that we can be proud of him.


  3. While there are workings behind the scenes (not sure how long this has been going on and will take) wherein citizens in the diaspora can also vote in the national elections, it is very discomforting that only the blocs in the UK and US (votes given to North America) for example count in selecting the flag bearer. No individual abroad has a say in all this when the bulk of the financing comes from abroad.

    What difference does it make anyway if Maada visits the UK/U? No citizen can vote if NOT in the country (with a valid voters card). Also the backers of Bio should have known all the problems associated with supporting him as a flag bearer. President Barack Obama hinted at the fact that he wouldn’t allow people associated with humanitarian issues entering the U.S during the Un meeting this year 2011. That said, SLPP supporters need to find out why their flagbearer will NOT make it tyo the US /UK on a tour.

    I’m sorry but Maada’s selection just put the SLPP machine behind the eight ball altogether. We can see the strides (visible) that Ernest Koroma has made and is making with his APC party. Even though I don’t agree with all the policies like inviting all sorts of private capital into the nation wihout proper background checks even though we need the funds to stimulate the private sector. This only helps in the short and medium term but not the long-run.

    When a man is hungry and has gone for days without eating, he’ll eat anything that is edible in sight. This is the problem currently at hand. There’s no capacity (Labor/expertise) to undertake the major projects needed to propel the nation. A few learned citizens are in the country to help with these projects. However, if you follow the money the funds end back in the West where the expatriates who come to nation have residence as Payroll / Direct Deposist. I know this for sure. So imagine if these were IMF,IBRD, EU loans. Does that make for good/sound business decision? We have to be very careful how we open the doors for free medical vaccines etc etc. There’s a deliberate population reduction agenda by the world’s elite. Research the origins/agenda of Planned Parenthood and watch your jaw drop.

    We need know that we know in our knower and look at these deals and projects multi-dimensionaly and weigh all the costs and benefits short term and long term.

    Back to Maada, SLPP una ush o! Una get posin wae una nor go able see sef abroad. We continue to watch the Apocalypse..(unveiling)


    Dallas Texas


  4. Maada Bio just seems to have evaporated into thin air since sporting a massive bandage on his head.

    Contrary to M Jalloh’s view it is a quite significant issue if the President of SL is unable to travel to certain countries. At the very least it suggests he is a pariah and which by implication would mean that Sierra Leone would be seen as a pariah state.

    More significantly, Sulieman Banja Tejan-Sie is keenly aware that under international law, he may just find that he would have to answer in a court of law in Europe or North America for his role in the extra-judicial killings of 29 people.

    The selection of this reprobate must be causing the SLPP serious problems and I would not be surprised if moves are afoot to deselect him. The SLPP is imploding. Continue to keep him under scrutiny.


  5. iam really in doubt of what M JALLOH measured this is a clear manifestation of the VERY FACT that THIS SO called S L P P supporters did not like the country but we shal pay them in the BALLOT box for M jalloh you are a guinean pls allow progress to flow




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