*SLPP Spokesman Leema’s Frivolous and Dangerously Inciting Statements over AYV TV*

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*Leema’s Frivolous and Dangerously Inciting Statements over AYV TV*
We are disheartened that no less a person than the official spokesman for the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) disgraced former lieutenant in the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces, Lawrence Leema Lahai had the nerve to use very inciting statements today 25th March, 2018 over the popular AYV on Sunday television programme hosted by ace broadcaster Angela Angweni.
It is unfortunate that Lawrence Leema Lahai also spoke about the Fountain of Honor President Ernest Bai Koroma in very derogatory and inflammatory terms and we believe that he should be brought to book.


Lawrence Leema Lahai was among other panelists including the deputy Minister of Information and Communication Cornelius Deveaux, Warritay, Valnora Edwin and another gentleman to discuss the current court injunction and its consequences on the outcome of the presidential runoff election. Speaking boldly and without any iota of respect for authority and for President Koroma, Lawrence Leema Lahai who refused to be principled and allow the moderator to contrl the programme grew offensive and defied all protocol with his wild outbursts to the extent that the programme was abruptly stopped.
Lawrence Leema Lahai’s words and action speak volume of the desperate state the SLPP presidential candidate Julius Maada Bio and his party is in and, it also points to the fact that, the SLPP is prepared to go ballistic if the runoff is not in their favor.
Lawrence Leema Lahai stated that Maada Bio has instructed via a press release that if the runoff does not take place on Tuesday 27th March, 2018 he will call out SLPP supporters to demonstrate which is a clear violation and threat to the peace and tranquility of the country.
Sierra Leoneans are however urged to stay calm and wait for the outcome of the NEC matter currently before the court. Military and police personnel have been deployed across the country to maintain law and order.
More details to come
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