SLPP supporters impersonate APC by wearing APC T-shirts to demonstrate in London


Some supporters  of the APC in London have just called COCORIOKO to report that supporters of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) have put on T-shirts of the ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ) in their demonstration in London to fool the general public that APC supporters are part of their demonstration.

The supporters said the men and women in APC T-shirts being shown on videos around the world are not part of them. “We do not even know them. They are SLPP  supporters impersonating our party “.

The SLPP in their blind power-thirst have decided to take trickery to another level, APC supporters complained to this newspaper today. The officials want it to be known that the individuals being shown wearing the APC T-shirts are not supporters of the party.

Former Secretary General , Mr. Hassan Kamara, described the SLPP  act as DIRTY POLITICS and trickery by the opposition SLPP , who,  he said,  would stop at nothing to fool the general public in their inordinate quest to return to power.

“The SLPP  are really full of criminal acts”, Ahmed Sesay told Cocorioko on the phone from London.  “Do they always have to use trickery to achieve their goals ? This should sent a message to all Sierra Leoneans that the SLPP  cannot be trusted with virtues like honesty . Impersonation being a crime, the SLPP  are using criminal tactics to fool the world and try to gain credibility for their bogus demonstrations . ”

Our men in London will bring you more  details.

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