SLPP’s accusation that APC is inciting ethnic conflict in Sierra Leone is false and an insult to our hurting people

The Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) press release accusing the opposition All People’s Congress ( APC )  of trying to incite ethnic violence in Sierra Leone is very deceitful and is an insult to the the hurting people.

How can the APC  be the one inciting ethnic conflict when it is the SLPP  who have been very  busy ripping  the scabs off  the wounds of tribalism and regionalism  we thought we had healed in Sierra Leone ? Since the SLPP  came to power in April, all they have done is provoke tribal and ethnic hatred by launching violent attacks on citizens hailing from the Northwest , dismissing thousands of them from their jobs and promoting a campaign of continuous harassment and  intimidation against them.

The SLPP  have divided Sierra Leone dangerously along tribal and ethnic lines within the eight months they have been in power . They have replaced all Northwesterners from their jobs in the public service, in our embassies and diplomatic missions  and quasi-government institutions. Government scholarships awardees were all Southeasterners. TheSLPP  have made it look like Sierra Leone  belongs to only one tribe and one region . So, what justification is there for any reasonable and honest person to accuse the APC of inciting ethnic conflict ?

The SLPP cannot pull any wool over the eyes of the people now . Sierra Leoneans have already seen and supped enough of SLPP’s heinous tribal and ethnic petulance and perfidy. The people of Sierra Leone now know that, whatever could be said of the APC, it is the SLPP  that has fractured our nation disastrously along tribal and ethnic lines and left our country sitting on a time bomb.

The Sierra Leonean people are hurting because of the tribal and ethnic wounds the SLPP  have  reopened since they came to power.

COCORIOKO  believes that the  SLPP are adding karyan pepper to these wounds by falsely accusing the APC of the sins they have blatantly and flagrantly committed before the eyes of the people.

As far as Sierra Leoneans are concerned, it is the SLPP  who are very busy right now  inciting tribal and ethnic violence in their country. The APC  are victims of the SLPP’s tribalism . They cannot be victims and perpetrators.

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