SLPP’s days are numbered


Sunday January  8, 2006

First_Name:  Munda
Last_Name:  Tombo
City:  Bo

Comments:  I have been following the comminiques released by the Rev. Sam Foray
in America in respect of APC turn about face on the Hingha Norman Issue.
My question is why only now?

As far as I know Parliament with the help of APC party sold our laws and our
sovreingty to the so-called Special Court of the SLPP. There was only one single
vote against the Special Court Bill in parliament. It did not come from Ernest
Koroma but from Hon. Ibrahim Sorie, the only man who showed the same character
chief Hingha Norman showed in facing the Rebels.

Chief Hingha Norman got rid of
the Rebels The APC and the SLPP brought in Blood suckers.
I applaud the APC for this effort though a little too late.But it is always
better late than never. The country is bigger than any party and they may have
now realized that they are in parliament and in peace thanks to chief Norman. I
would rather see see Hon. Ibrahim Sorie leading any talks with chief Norman.
Hon. Sorie may be the only Parliamentarian/politician with his head properly
fixed on his shoulder.

By the way Rev.Sam Foray, thank you for not giving up on our hero and indeed
Sierra Leone.
The SLPP’s days are numbered and God will make them account for their deeds.

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