First_Name:  Sidie Yahya
Last_Name:  Tunis
Comments:  It is interesting that the so called friends of Berewa in their recent response to the events in Bo actually accused Charles and his supporters of inappropriate behavior and even mentioning that leadership in Sierra Leone is not about birth right or forceful means if I am not forgeting, which I doubt. This I consider very ironic, when in fact that is exactly what Solo B and his lordship, Tejan Kabba are doing forcing Solo B on the people of Sierra Leone.

What is interesting about the events that happened in Bo is that the people clearly showed Solo B that they do not want him as their next leader and instead of just accepting reality, Solo B and his supporters have become propaganda machines distorting the truth and accusing Charles and his supporters as behaving inappropriately.

Let us assume that the event was the other way round ie it was Solo B supporters that were on the streets of Bo dancing for him, Solo B would have been the happiest man on earth and we would have heard no complains, but because events did not go in his favor, he is referring to those citizens as cohorts and  hoolygans. What an appropriate way to describe your citizens. Talking about violence, who really ignited the violence? If you are in a vehicle and come across thousands of people dancing on the streets, your vehicle definitely will stop and this does not make the people violent against you, but Solo B, angered by the fact that when  Charles left CKC campus, the people followed suit and did not wait to see him,  ordered his police to arrest Charles, which further angered the crowd and forced them to jump on the streets and start their demonstration.

It was a clear manisfestation that the people of Bo have rendered their full support for Charles and are willing and ready to endure anything for him. I am really glad that the UK branch of friends of Berewa mentioned that Sierra Leone  is now a democratic state and if you people really mean this then you should let you lead know that it is indeed wrong in a democratic setting for an opposition leader to be arrested simply because his supporters danced in support of him. I would really love the so called UK branch to forward the complain to all the dignitaries mentioned in their response as that is what we the Charles Margai supporters are hoping for, for the international community to become aware of how Berewa and Kabba are manipulating the democratic process in our country. I thought Berewa was the leader of the SLPP and how come this group is not called the SLPP branch in UK/Ireland and how come the SLPP in USA has not posted any article in support of Berewa?

The man simply does not have support even within his own party, and yet his so called friends are still misleading him into believing that he has the suppoort of the country. What a pitty? You people mentioned about peace in our country, which is a good thing because and some of us suffered through the trouble years of that nation and do enjoy the peace and the peace would definitely remain if Berewa and his boss do the right thing by not rigging the coming elections and by not playing games with the democratic process in our country. God bless Sierra Leone.

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