Students present new executive to Ambassador Kumba Momoh


Sierra Leone’s Charge d’Affairs to the People’s Republic of China, has Called on the

newly elected executive of the Sierra Leone Students Union in China to ensure a strong

and dedicated team that will work towards promoting students’ issues and eventually

add value to their Union.

Envoy Momoh,Embassy staff and new executive

Madam Kumba Alice Momoh spoke on Thursday 11th February during a call on the

Embassy by the new executive of the Sierra Leone Students Union in China, elected

into office at the end of the student’s Annual Convention in Beijing.

Madam Momoh called on the new executive to utilize the strength of being united and

build trust within their team to ensure success in their new assignment, also

encouraging them to work towards bringing everybody on board irrespective of how the

votes went



President Sesay and Vice President Roberts


She told them they are in China “to acquire knowledge but it has reached a time that

you will be required to make sacrifices in the pursuit of the goals of your Union”.

Madam Momoh said, the challenges faced by the former executive, whom she

commended for successfully managing the affairs of the union, could serve as lessons

for the new one in their bid to achieve their goals.

Also making a statement was the Embassy’s Head of Chancery, Unisa Sahid Kamara.

He thanked the former executive for the smooth transition, reiterating the need for unity

amongst students.

“Lead by example, and ensure you perform to the expectation of the general students’

body in China, but above all don’t forget your studies as that is your primary reason of

being here”, he said, expressing concern on reports of how the students had previously

misused social media during their campaign.


Responding, President of the Union, Saidu Mohamed Sesay, Masters Candidate in

Public Administration at China University of Geosciences, thanked the Embassy for the

support always accorded students over the years, with specific reference to their annual

convention. “The support and directions the Embassy has been providing to students

have been contributing factors to our success over the years.”

Through the Embassy, Sesay paid glowing tribute to the Government of President

Ernest Bai Koroma for supporting them especially through the annual provision of

allowance of $1,800 per student and 40ft container for the shipment of their personal



On their academic pursuit, the new President promised, students will always put their

studies foremost. “We shall remain committed to our academic pursuit so as to impact

positively to our country’s growth when we shall have returned.”


On students’ unity, Sesay called on executive members to be united, saying “we may

have our differences but they should not affect our coexistence as students”, promising

to work closely with the embassy through lobbying and engagement, so as to see how

private students could form part of those receiving allowances from the Government

back home.

Trust and respect, Sesay said, would be crucial to their success as an executive. “The

two are of the same importance for they serve as yardstick for success and progress”

President Sesay officially presented the executive to the Embassy, consisting of the

Vice President Delphine Robert (medical student), Alpha Bassie Mansaray, (PhD.

Candidate-Sport Science) as Secretary-General, Alpha Monarchy Conteh, (Bachelor-

Computer Science) as Asst. Secretary, Brima Sesay (PhD. Financial Engineering) as

Financial Secretary, Hinga Margai (Masters Candidate) as Public Relations Officer,

John Hinga Magay (Masters Candidate) as Welfare/Education Officer, Amanda Williams

(Masters Candidate) as Treasurer and Akin Benjamin as Ombudsman, amongst others.

Also making statements were the former President, Adikali Sesay and Secretary

General Mohamed Sulaiman Sankoh. Both expressed gratitude to the Embassy for its

constant support to students and encouraged the new executive to continue with the

cordial ties existing between students and the Embassy.

John Baimba Sesay

Press/Information Attaché

Sierra Leone Embassy


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