By Kabs Kanu

Politics is a very dirty game and you never fully understand it until you study the modus operandi of the SLPP.

They are the ones secretly using the old spent force who wears thick, long woolen suits in hot, humid weather -Victor Foh – against his former party, the APC. Victor, in his mind, may have reasons to be angry but if this is not dirty politics being played, with Mr. Foh acting as a puppet and some puppeteers somewhere in the corner pulling the string like SALLY WAN-SIDE, why the angst that has come like a delayed action time-bomb ? Why is it only now that Victor Foh is expatriating his anger ? After the APC convention in Makeni in 2017, where he believed he was denied the flag bearership, he was mild and unruffled and even helped the party campaign for the elections . So why now ?


The reason is that Mr. Victor Foh is being used. And that is the sad story about the saga of somebody who once epitomized dare-devil loyalty to the APC. How, for dirty politics and filthy lucre, can a man who gave all his life for a party , allow himself to become a pawn on the chessboard of dirty politicians , like Maada Bio, who lack the knowledge and skills to govern but depend on subterfuge to flourish?

There is no doubt that Victor Foh is being used by Maada Bio and the SLPP to try to accomplish their grand design to destroy the APC. What Foh is presently doing is not so much because he was denied the APC flagbeareship. He knows too well that he was not the only one who suffered that fate. There is a long pool of gentlemen and ladies who could be angry with the APC too for the same reason and some of them with better reasons. It is not so much the flag bearership. It is rather dirty politics at play.

The SLPP have stumbled upon a secret weapon to lash and destroy the APC – a conscienceless, unprincipled and pliable character who can sell his grandmother for money and personal gain. The SLPP are secretly using him to go around different radio stations and international media to muddy the waters for the APC and also lend credibility to the bogus commission of inquiry they want to push down the throats of suspicious Sierra Leoneans. The SLPP has always been a spineless party that allows surrogates to do its dirty work. They are sitting down quietly in the corner, manipulating Victor Foh, and watching in glee as he tears his old party apart with fiendish relish.

The SLPP, as confidently exposed by the political maestro whose hunches never prove wrong —Dr. Sylvia Blyden , who is also an accomplished journalist -are being aided and abetted by a venomous, deadly, scheming and crafty cabal within the APC, who have their own devious agenda. This is as dirty as it can be on the corridors of politics in Sierra Leone. One has to be always wide awake in Sierra Leone politics in order not to be mangled by hidden enemies. You do not go asleep in Freetown, because there are always hidden nebulous forces ganging together to do you in , in your political journey. But I will not cross ahead of Dr. Blyden. In good time, she will expose members of this cabal.

But Sierra Leoneans should not be taken in by Victor Foh’s unending rants against President Ernest Koroma and the APC. There are no redeeming values behind these revelations and pontification over the commission of inquiry. Foh is just doing the dirty work he has been hired by the SLPP and it’s collaborators to accomplish —Tar the APC with the brush of political devilry so brightly and so diabolically that the APC will lose all respect and goodwill within the nation and without and invest the SLPP with undue advantage in the chicanery that passes for politics in Sierra Leone.

The only bad news for the SLPP is that they must have known by now that it is very difficult to destroy the APC. Trying to bring down the APC is like a mad man using a pen knife to try to hew down the cotton tree that has been one of the immortal landmarks of the city we all call capital.

Dark skies over Sierra Leone. Foh’s utterances may perhaps be a warning signal of an impending dangerous regional and tribal conflict. If this happens to be the case, his actions today would make him the canary in Sierra Leone’s political mines. Foh a southerner, once loath the SLPP and pledged his unreserved commitment and lifetime loyalty to the APC party. Today, he claimed to have retired from active politics. However, he is acting as the “Brutus” to the northern APC Caesar (EBK, the one he helped crowned) and spewing disparaging comments about the operations of the APC over the past 10 years. Is he trying to save his own head? Is he trying to get even? Because of his advanced age, is Foh becoming senile? Or he is providing valuable services to Sierra Leoneans by sounding the alarm that a dangerous regional and tribal conflict looms in the horizon? Although his motives are currently unclear, one thing for sure is that the skies over Sierra Leone are dark. Believe what you want, but they are not clear at all.

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