The “J – TEAM” Provided a Booster Seat for The APC-USA Interim Executive

The “J – TEAM” Provided a Booster Seat for
The APC-USA Interim Executive.
By Abdul Modie Kargbo – Woodbridge, VA
  • I must first of all congratulate you all for your sincere efforts in initiating and maintaining the peace accord in North America. Since December 7, 2013 after the Peace Talks in Laurel, Maryland, and the appointment of the interim executive, the atmosphere in North America has been very quiet for anyone to hear a pin drop from Maine to Florida, and from Washington DC to California. This silence portrays that we all respect and accepted the decisions made there and then. The 13-Man delegation from Freetown did their homework well, hence delivered a marvelous job. A big thank you again folks, and the leader of our APC Party – His Excellency Dr Ernest B Koroma for his vision for this party.
The Interim Executive is very busy behind the scenes working towards the benchmarks laid down by the said 13-Man Delegation in the Communiqué signed by all parties. According to the Interim Chairman – Mr Ibrahim Sanpha Kamara’s movements and meetings feedback, he is very determine to re-vamp the entire APC membership registration system in North America and to eliminate the inflation of member’s list by chapters during election or convention. The new system will account for any currently registered member with authentic documentation to prove so at any time when needed. These folks are really busy planning, and will soon implement their plans for your evaluation of their efforts. This is a man who is very meticulous in doing things, and he always excel in what he does.
You and I know that there is nothing in the coffers of the Interim Executive, they need cash badly to operate basically. Despite their voluntary efforts in this part of the globe where time is money, and everyone regards the “hour” to be money, knows that it is extremely important for this interim executive to have some cash at hand right now to facilitate their work. It is in this regard that one of the aspirants for the chairmanship of APC-USA, Mr Joseph Bobson Kamara from Washington Metropolitan Chapter came to the rescue to show his seriousness in supporting the work of the interim executive.
On Sunday January 26, 2014. Mr Joseph Bobson Kamara, Aspirant for the APC-USA Chairmanship, on behalf of his “J – Team” donated the sum of $1,000.00 (One Thousand US Dollars) to the Chairman of the Interim Executive – Mr Ibrahim Sanpha Kamara to serve as a booster seat for his team to seat on and sail the ship to it’s desired destination. Mr Joseph Bobson Kamara (No relation to the Interim chairman) verbalized the need for the cash donation as urgently needed by the team to do their work as expected. He also hope that others will emulate his foot-steps by donating to the interim executive in order for them to do the job assigned to them in the communiqué. The interim chairman, thanked Mr Joseph Bobson Kamara and his team for the generous donation, and assured all present at the meeting at the APC Party office in Lanham, Maryland, that the money will be wisely spent to implement their plans accordingly.
Please see photos below.
Mr Joseph Bobson Kamara (1st from Left) presenting a check of
$1,000.00 US Dollars to the Interim Chairman – Mr Ibrahim S. Kamara (Center)
As the Acting President of the Washington Chapter – Mrs Beatrice Conteh looks on.
(L-R) Ms Abie “De Queen” Mansaray (Campaign Manager), Mr Joseph B Kamara,
Mr Ibrahim S Kamara (Interim Chairman) and Mrs Beatrice Conteh
(Acting President of the Washington Metropolitan Chapter)
Mr Joseph Bobson Kamara
(Aspirant for APC-USA Chairmanship)

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