The Maada Bio government is behaving like a junta

The Bio government is behaving very much like a junta —-Erratic, vengeful, oppressive of other tribes, insensitive to public sentiments and destroying the livelihoods of innocent people.

We have not reached the depths of Uganda’s Amin yet, but that was how it started. Erratic and maniacal actions , greeted by silence and fence-sitting. It was like the camel that eventually took over the man’s tent. Little by little, inch by inch, the oppressor keeps being given ground and by the time reality hit the citizenry, people had started disappearing suddenly only for their dead bodies to be discovered on the banks of rivers, washed ashore by the waves.


The Bio government has a lot to do to prove that it will not go the way of Amin’s Uganda or Mobutu’s Congo. It has been in power for three months and apart from cleaning the city, restoring electricity and appointing a great attorney general, for which I commended them, most of what the government has done so far borders around introducing one_tribe hegemony, revenge and brutalizing and putting fear in the people, not to mention the spurious dismissal of people from jobs to accommodate tribesmen and women.


The shocking aspect of it all is the silence of President Bio in the face of the killings, attacks, reprisal dismissals , fear, uncertainty and controversial decisions.

Bio’s silence and heartlessness show another Amin, Doe or Mobutu in the making.

Sad for our nation.

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