The mounting problems of land ownership in Sierra Leone

It is a total disgrace and a dispecable act for any peace loving and honorable Sierra Leonenian to attempt to defend the previous ministers of lands as well as the previous governments for their wicked criminal acts against the people of Sierra Leone . All of them have been wanton and notorious criminals who have done nothing but create more havocs and huge problems in landownership in the country .

The administrators were notoriously known to legally sanction a plot of land to be owned by two , three or more people . All of them have legal documents endorsed by the ministery of lands . Why?

The number of cases in the courts about land disputes are astronomical and almost unbelievable .

The dubious and criminal atmosphere created by the ministers of lands if not addressd quickly is going to result in open wars . The. People can no longer trust the ministry of lands or the courts to protect their priced ownership .


Some have already started using cutlasses and other violent means to protect their lands because the ministry of lands is too corrupt to be trusted .
There is absolutely too much corruption in the land business in Sierra Leone . The man or woman at the pinnacle or at the apex of those unscrupulous acts is the minister of lands .

Anyone trying to free him or her from those catastrophic, evil and devilish acts is as guilty as the man himself or the woman herself .
The so called distribution of lands was a ploy for the well connected to have free government lands .
Please show me a poor, uneducated and not related to the powerful that had gotten a plot of land from the ministry of lands? I would show you thousands that are languishing in subhuman conditions.

We seriously need to stop using inexcusable , arrogant and baseless excuses in our fruitless efforts to protect a mafia type ministry .
The land disputes are increasing dangerously under the watchful eyes of the ministry of lands and if not control very soon they will increase geometrically .
If the minister allows that to happen, lawlessness will fill the vacuum and the situation will be uncontrollable .
We need strict zoning laws that will prevent people from building houses everywhere . That must be achieved if we are serious about preventing future castorophic mudslides in the country.

The inability of our previous governments to provide the basic things that can sustain life should be one of the fundamental reasons we should always vote out any government that fails to protect our properties. This must be done if we want to improve everything in Sierra Leone.
Today we have a new government in power. The people chose this government because they wanted real changes that can wipe out all types of corruptions

It is a huge and formidable task but those problems must be addressed in a timely manner.

What steps if any our new government has taken to address these awful problems?

This administration needs to come up with laws that can severely punish the land criminals .

The most important part of any law dealing with land ownership must emphasize severe penalties for officials in the ministry of lands — 20 to 30 years in prison for any government official that is guilty of land frud and related crimes.

Those unscrupulous land owners who sells a piece of land to two or more people, should seve 15 to 20 years in jail.
Land grabbers who falsely claim to own a land that does not belong to them should serve 30 years in prison or more.
Hefty punishments like these will definitely discourage other criminals from engaging in such disgraceful and unprofitable acts.
We seriously need our new government intervention to control this obviously catastrophic situation..
We shall be grateful, joyful and accommodating if our new government solve this pressing problem now.

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