The Principle of ‘An Eye for an eye ‘ is wrong and should not be accepted in any society

However much we condemn the failure of the legal system to indict police officers who kill black people in controversial circumstances, nothing justifies yesterday’s execution-style massacre of two New York Police officers by a man who claimed that he was revenging the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Gardner.

Violence in any circumstance is unjustified and unacceptable . The foundation of our civilization is built on adherence to the laws of the land, to the primacy of dialogue and the essence of peaceful resolution of conflicts. Gone are the days of pugilism and the notion of MIGHT IS RIGHT.


Secondly, the Police are doing a magnificent job to protect our lives and properties . They need our support and cooperation while peaceful means are being pursued to improve police-community relations and police operations and also reform the process of grand jury investigations of police handling of black suspects who die at their hands . Though there may be one or two officers who go overboard in the execution of their duties once in a while , the majority of police officers are great guys and society must recognize their efforts to keep us all safe.

May God console their families and give the departed cops eternal bliss.

May God bring peace and sanity to our great city of New York.

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