The raid on Masombo Village and Mile 91 and the killing of the innocent : WHY, MAADA BIO, WHY ?



Sierra Leoneans are presently perplexed and their mouths are full with disbelief at the tragic event that happened on Sunday September 9, 2018 when armed Police and Army raided Masombo Village and the Mile 91 community and terrorized innocent citizens and in the process raped innocent women and ended up shooting to death an innocent young man fleeing from the scene.


Nothing is more galling, sickening , shocking and disappointing than the fact that the Local Unit Commander of the Sierra Leone Police, Superintendent Sesay , told Radio 98.1 that the raiding police and army said they were acting on instructions from State House. If this turns out to be true, it is another huge indictment on the already ugly human rights records of President Maada Bio, who is even facing a travel ban to the U.S . on the same charge of human rights abuses and domestic violence.

The fact that the victims’ testimonies and complaints are on tape and that media houses  like FM 98.1  and the Sierra Leone Telegraph , which  are not known to be hostile to President Bio and his government , are reporting the story leaves rabid supporters of the Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP )  no credible alibi this time to dismiss this sad , frightening and shameful saga as another opposition All People’s Congress ( APC )  propaganda.

The fact is plain and undisputed : President Maada Bio is a depraved human rights abuser and dictator , who like the monkey, will never leave his black hands behind. It was for this very reason that  more than half of the nation vehemently opposed his presidential candidacy during the elections he ended up winning , thanks to the machinations of the criminal Electoral Commissioner Mohamed Infa Allie ( who and his wife are blood SLPP  fanatics —A fact the then ruling APC  that appointed him did not know until it was too late ) and the British High Commissioner , H.E. Guy Warrington.

*A MUST WATCH‼**The deceased father gives testimony of police involvement in the murder of his son in Mile 91.**Plz share widely!*© *Consortium for Democracy and Human Rights*

Posted by Kamara Abu Bakarr on Monday, September 10, 2018

Bio’s diabolical  cause to turn Sierra Leone into a painful crucible of Hell is being helped, though not for long,  by the silence of the ungodly civil society activists who are duping the international organizations funding them and the pro-SLPP  villain working for the BBC, Umaru Fofana and shameful partisan political activists who see nothing wrong when their political parties are committing horrendous human rights abuses against the innocent people.

But one thing is certain and Mr. Bio better  listen to the complaints and cries of the Sierra Leonean people who have become traumatized within this short time that he has been in power . In today’s world of accountability for human rights abuses, it will take time, but if Bio does not turn away from his present path , he is setting himself up for an eventual date with the International Criminal Court ( ICC ).

Bio will not get away with it, ultimately , especially given the fact that the British Government is already said to be having goose pimples over Bio’s human rights abuses, thanks to MP Neil Coyle , who has issued a PUBLIC petition already against Bio and has raised the matter of his human rights atrocities and tribalism in the British Parliament.

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