The sad deaths of Lord Bongo Johnson and spouse : How it happened

Christian Foday Sesay & Sanpha Sesay,   Cocorioko Texas Correspondents

Godfrey Manley-Spain fondly known among Sierra Leoneans as “Lord Bongo Johnson” was found dead through strangulation in his Mesquite home in the early hours of Monday, 19th July, 2010 few hours after fatally killing his spouse, Claudio, with whom he had shared the home for over 15 years. Together, they have two adorable kids, Godfrey and Elizabeth (Baby Love)

According to a reliable family source, the incident of these tragic deaths of Lord Bongo and his partner, Claudia, happened during a 30-day separation notice for Bongo Johnson to vacate the residence he had shared with Claudia all these years. Sources say that an issue was made by the Mesquite Police Department following reports issued by Claudia saying that she no longer want to continue with their relationship. Lord Bongo Johnson’s last day in the house was Sunday July 18th according to the same source.


Although, Claudia’s reason for wanting to break the relationship with Bongo Johnson was as a result of a never-ending disagreement at home which sometimes led to domestic violence abuses yet other sources strongly maintained that unfaithfulness and jealousy was at the center of this sad end. The story unfolds this way:


Claudia, the deceased, had helped a gentleman (name withheld) to migrate into the United States only for her to be sidelined in favor of another lady that she had rivaled with way back in Freetown. As it is always the pathetic case of Sierra Leonean marriages in the United States, the said gentleman has separated with his wife and is believed to be currently going through a divorce proceeding. Somehow, somewhere the “old fire wood” relationship reignited. There was reconciliation between the said gentleman and the deceased lady, Claudia, which many believed would have taken them to the altar.


The late Lord Bongo, who had a firsthand knowledge of her spouse’s outside relationship, realizing how fast he was losing the battle for Claudia’s heart to the other guy, became determined to win her back. But nothing that he did seem mattered anymore for truly, Claudia had gone out of his life more than he realized or was willing to accept.

This intense and unhealthy rivalry was characterized by frequent physical struggles, verbal expletives and exchanges of telephone calls between Lord Bongo and the said gentleman. It got to the point that, the outside friend occasionally will call the home threatening that he was ready to marry Claudia, the source confirmed Bongo Johnson’s complaints.

Bongo Johnson‘s frustration to him, had no solution but to go down this tragic route.  We learnt that he did inform his closest friends about what he was enduring. One of the sources revealed that Bongo Johnson asked him to give him a courtesy calls frequently. The source further advised him to be reading his bible and praying every day. During one of their conversations, Bongo said “my brother, the Bible is in my hand right now”.  His response was quite emotional according to the source.  But communication ceased between them during the past two weeks until the source heard a telephone call at 1:00 am on Monday, July 19th, with a message left in his voice message the voice of someone screaming, “fire oh fire!,  Bongo Johnson and Claudia are dead”.

According to another report, both Claudia and Bongo appeared in a friend’s residence at the end of June. Claudia first appeared in the house telling the host with a frightening voice that “Bongo want to kill me mama”.  The host, mesmerized and asked, “for what”?  “I told him I don’t want him again”, Claudia responded. Fifteen minutes or so later, Lord Bongo appeared, crawling on the floor, with his hands on his head, weeping seriously whilst appealing to the host for help. “Mama, Claudia is ready to kick me out of the house because of her boyfriend” Bongo said.  The host gave them a motherly advice and asked them to look into the children they have and encouraged them to exercise patience with one another.  They returned home with no positive hope of a deal in favor of Lord Bongo. All the pieces of advice and plea given to them fell on deaf ears. The path was created for destiny to take its course.

After a 911 call was first placed concerning the disappearance of these Lord Bongo and Claudia, the response was that the police cannot do anything until after 24 hours of their disappearance. It was at that point that someone insisted that they go directly to the Mesquite Police station and report their concerns and suspicions.

Upon their arrival at the police station, an order was issued to surveillance the home, and if possible to forcefully enter the house. The police broke into the house and the original 911 caller’s suspicions and fears were confirmed. The corpses were discovered in the house. According to Fox local news, Lord Bongo died through hanging and the lady was strangled to death. Evidences from the home showed that there were some forms of physical battles before their death.

Stay tuned to more news on the unfortunate demise of our loved ones.

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