The SLPP Government is synonymous with lies

The lies and deceit of Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP)  have become endemic in them in such a way that whatever they spew out is about nine to ten chances lies.

This morning I irritably listened to the financial secretary spitting venomous lies about the gains made on the economy.
For God sake sahr Jusu Sierra Leoneans are suffering, all your theories this morning are complete rubbish. They do not appeal to the common man with a family of six who buys a cup of rice le 2000 everyday

Jusu and his SLPP cronies always find pleasure in putting salt into the wounds of Sierra Leoneans.

It was this morning when Jusu sarcastically displayed the modus operandi in the SLPP which is “LIE” The general public was told this morning by JUSU LIE MAN that government have provided five different text books for all school going pupils in the country.

Mr Jusu without any hesitation I am unapologetically telling you that you are telling a big fat lie. So far there are only two books being supplied and these are Mathematics and English language which was attested to by the British High commissioner on the good morning salone program in his statement, he mentioned that they will continue to give their support to Sierra Leone just as they did in support of the free education by providing two text books for each pupil which cost them 3.5 million pounds even if there will be Brexit

Finally, on fiscal discipline. Sahr Jusu mentioned that they are buying fifty buses for almost 5 million dollars, if Sierra Leoneans compare this to the previous 100 buses bought by the APC government which cost 7.5 million dollars. This is a complete irony of the definition of fiscal decipline.

My fellow Sierra leoneans does our president need to advertise himself on CNN to be popular? That sounds absurd and hilarious but it’s exactly what this president is doing. Can you imagine this President celebrating himself by paying the CNN media a Whooping sum of $50,000 every two weeks in a battered, shattered and shambolic economy as in the words of Rado Swarray.

Mr president you need not to advertise yourself to have a second term. Una lef di boku lie lie en solve di bread and butter issue.

*James Amos Kargbo*


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