The SLPP will fail Sierra Leoneans


My brothers & sisters of the ranka New Direction please lend me your ears; slow down and deeply reflect on the following facts:

*Salone population is 7 million…of which around 3 million voters participated in the 2018 elections…SLPP is large believed to have rub thousands of votes to take 14,000 votes lead on a run-off. Do you guys seriously get the message?*

Firstly if the 14,000 winnings were true then the people have just voted for an inclusive government of National Unity..not a 97% Mende government.

Also, the dangerous card played by this government is the political intimidation tool…in essence this brought the 2023 election campaign closer. Otherwise we should not be here fighting but working together..coz unless we work as a team this government will never succeed.


Finally, take a closeer look…that the SLPP change campaign was against the backdrop of hunger, jobs for the youth, hardship alliviation & free education …but the current drive of the government is evidently the least in our priority (education). Majority of our people careless about free education. Nothing new..those in school were in school because they could afford their fees. The SLPP free education will not bring new numbers or more students to school..but rather restrict many poor people to get an education. Pls see the small prints (conditions) of the free education.

My advise to the SLPP mende tribal hardliners is that; you drop this arogance of mende supremacy and think carefully what next for the general good of every tribe? I have no doubt that President Bio means well. Please join in support his good intentions.

*A good player would think what to do with the ball before the ball reaches him*…but as the case maybe..the SLPP was not very serious about leading..but rather engaged on a self destructive political witch hunt, which will only hit them back in their faces.

Mohamed 91 Sesay

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