The tyrannical, criminal and corrupt political climate needs to be changed now or the Fire from Hell will take over Africa


By Ibrahim. T. Jalloh

Africa has undergone too many unfortunate episodes in its troubled, shameful and disgraceful political history.

Africa survived The Age Of Discovery, The Inhumane, brutal, bloody Period Of Slavery, Colonialism and all its exploitive mechanisms and Imperialism with a dubious agenda. Those unfortunate periods of servitude , brutality, millions of deaths, economic annihilation and lack of political freedom should have been important lessons for African leaders to master and use those unfortunate bloody episodes to protect Africa.

Today the African leaders have clearly proven to be the worst of all those who have exploited Africa. Presently, the African leaders are the motivators and the aggravators of the ills of the continent .

They are selling their birth rights to the world by allowing corruption to succeed in their various governments. The blatant encouragement of corruption at the pinnacle of political power is what is killing everything in Africa today.

All of those backward , stupid,miseducated, egostic, tribalistic, corrupt and arrogant African leaders want to stay in power for life if allowed.
They have no concrete,progressive or proven plans to develop their nations but to destroy them totally . Most of their plans are to enrich themselves , friends, tribes, regions and their families . They are totally driven by greed and egotism.

About two years ago, the. African leaders got a bitter pill in their mouths . President Obama’s speech was very powerful and it was directed to all despots and would be despots in Africa. No leader has ever done such a bold and marvelous job .
He made it crystal clear that. the African leaders should respect their constitutions and their term limits . None of them is above the laws and the rule of law must be the corner stone of their administrations.

If this once in a life time speech does not change the behaviors of African leaders, the UN should step in and impose strict economic sanctions on those leaders who are refusing to toe the line.

The AU is too corrupt to change the minds of those foolish totalitarian leaders.

The then chairman of the OAU was Robert Mugabe the worst despot who had been in power for over 30 years . Mugabe has destroyed Zimbabwe totally . It is the poorest country in Southern Africa . This country used to feed its people and export many different types of goods but now it imports everything .
There is absolutely no way African leaders can fix their devilish problems . The UN should stop all despotic African leaders , their friends , top officials and their families from traveling overseas . Impose very strict economic sanctions on the various leaders that are despotic and should not rule out military actions against them . Needed democratic changes must be forced on them because that is the only language they understand . Raw brute force .
If the present behaviors of the African leaders are allowed to continue , the worst human conditions that are looming will be come a reality. Africa will become the Hell on earth for millions of people with virtually no end in sight.

During the dark periods of African history , the best and the brightest were forcefully taken from the continent and sold like animals but now the best are running away from their tyrannical governments for a better life overseas .
Thousands are leaving every year for Europe . A large number will perish on
land, in various wicked Arab countries and in the high seas .

Today we have a man who is leading the world democracies and this man do not like democratic institutions but totalitarian ones . He loves tyrants and supports them publicly. He has no regards for black people or Africa . Africans must work together to correct the ills of the African world . Any attempt to depend on the western world to solve our problems would be tantamount to political suicide.

The tyrannical,criminal, and corrupt political climate needs to be changed now or the Fire from Hell will take over Africa .
History do repeat itself . Do not be alarmed if the institutions of slavery ,colonialism ,imperialism or neo- colonialism revisit Africa because the leaders are paving the ways for such immoral things to come . The very lack of patriotic leaders in Africa is our huge problems. We need honest, patriotic,able, ready and willing leaders to tackle our chronic and painful problems.

Let no one makes no mistake ; Africa is the richest continent in the world but we have absolutely nothing tangible or untangle to protect and preserve our continent .
At the down of the end of apartheid, South Africa was the only country with a nuclear programme . The West made sure that all the knowledge need to have built the atomic bomb was removed from South Africa and destroyed . The West do not want Africans to have advance weapons of any kind .

The African leaders should call a conference that should include all the African scientists in the world . The purpose of that meeting is to establish the steps of becoming a nuclear nation. We need to develop ways of preventing the East or the Western world from enslaving and controlling us again .

Yes, we are at the marcy of all powerful nations— Great Britain, France, Germany, USA, Russia and. a host of other nations. We have nothing to deter world powers from enslaving us or loot our natural resources. It is time to tell the world that we are a continent to reckon with. If you touch us we will punish you, if you attack us we shall fight you
to the bitter end .

Let us try to be safe through strength and knowledge. We shall be better as a people if we can come together in defense of our continent .

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