The attacks on Basita Michael are completely unwarranted and deeply troubling. Sierra Leone is becoming a contradiction.

On one hand, APC supporters attacked those who said it would have been a great idea for the APC to have attended the Bintumani Peace Conference to present their grievances yet they eulogise Basita Michael for her brave speech in which she spoke truth to power.

On the other hand, those who were calling for people to attend the Conference are now attacking Basita Michael for attending and having the guts to highlight the things that are undermining peace and democracy in Sierra Leone.

Deep down our hearts we know that most of the things Basita said are true but we attack her because her speech did NOT align with our interests. What I don’t understand is why supporters of the SLPP government are attacking Basita on the premise that she never condemned the ills of the then APC government.

We all know that the then APC government had many faults ranging from corruption to constitutional violations and some of us were vocal in condemning such infractions. But now the SLPP government should know that the APC was voted out because of their transgressions and it will serve no useful purpose to keep focusing on the past.

The SLPP was voted in because the people wanted a “NEW DIRECTION”. Therefore, the SLPP must get on with the task of giving Sierra Leoneans the “NEW DIRECTION” they voted for’ and must not repeat the mistakes they condemned the APC for. This is a time for introspection, dialogue and engagement to chart the correct path for our nation.

Abu Bakarr Bangura (Orkailkail)

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