The Ups and Downs of Political Office!


Like in many many other disciplines, working in politics has its challenges, the sweet and bitter sides to it. “Political jobs commonly require long workdays and frequent travel; the uncertainty of election results creates additional stress,” writes Colleen D. Teixeira in ‘Working in politics.’

As pleasing as work in politics may be, it also has the bitter side of things amongst them being the very hard unpredictable uncertainty of election outcomes.

“In one way or another, nearly all workers in politics are affected by the uncertainty that comes with the election cycle. After all, life as a politician, or in association with one, is dependent on the politician’s being elected to public office…,” argues Teixeira.


Beyond this, if I should add is the possibility of being sacked when, literally on bed sleeping even when you have got victory and job secured. And, pray to your God not to be axed when having dinner with your daughter. Firing is common practice in politics and something those in political offices must always be aware of.

It also should be noted, a President, once elected, has a mandate to perform, and people to serve. His failure to deliver may also lead to that fear of elections uncertainty. He therefore, is bound morally and constitutionally to hire and fire when he thinks.

So, when once you occupy a political office, do all you could to serve your conscience and country diligently. And in so doing, try not to outshine he that gave you a ‘contract’ to execute.

Make less or NO enemy along the way; step not on people because they will be the very ones you will be passing by, when descending that political throne.

Indeed, political office can be interesting, exciting and with huge opportunities to make a difference, positively. But alas, don’t get too fascinated with it for you know not when it ends, as it is with death, that product which remains inevitable!

John Baimba Sesay- Asia

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