Posted By: Publisher and Chief Executive Officer KABS KANU May 21, 2016

Airplanes are the safest means of transportation . You are one million times more likely to die in a motor vehicle accident than in an aviation disaster.

Your odds of being killed in an air crash are very negligible. Planes today are made to remain in the sky and land safely.

However, terrorists are making life unsafe and the UN , AU, and the powerful nations of action in the world like the U.S, UK, Germany, Russia, China, etc . have to start devising a coordinated strategy to crush these fundamentalists and terrorists who want to take over the world.

What would make a big plane fall from the sky or just vanish ? Weather conditions , which are capable of causing a crash, engine failure , pilot error or structural damage are possibilities but because this was a newer plane that just went through thorough maintenance and the fact that the plane was cruising at 37, 000 feet above make a terror attack most likely than the factors above . Cruising is the safest part of a flight.

Another new phenomenon that is becoming more disturbing is planes crashing and the wreckage taking long to be found or not found at all, like the Malaysian jet with hundreds of people that just disappeared from the sky two years ago. Is technology not supposed to accelerate things in this world ? Why do we seem to be on the back foot even in search and rescue or recovery operations ? At first, French officials said they had discovered debris from the plane only to turn around and reverse their statement. Thirty-six hours after the clash, they are now saying again this morning that they have discovered debris. We hope they do not change the information again.

The world, by now, should have become safer. There is enough military power in the industrialized countries to put terrorists and fundamentalists under foot. What is making it so difficult ? One reason is that they are not united and do not work as a team, thanks to geopolitical rivalries and over ambition.

We are waiting to hear how this latest air disaster involving Egyptair Flight 804 pans out but we must discourage any inclination to live in fear because that is what these terrorists want. Our way of life must not be forced to change because of these evil terrorists and fundamentalists.

God is still in control of our world. We must continue to put our trust in God and enjoying our God-given freedom and liberty.

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