The Yumkela Lie Cannot Win Elections in Sierra Leone

By Jacob Sax Conteh

When you are a former leader of the murderous rapist NPRC who surrounds yourself with a bunch of broke desperate failed SLPP recycled politicians who have been rejected by their party and try to sell yourself as an agent of change, you have to resort to falsehood and innuendo to sell your story. When you have been rejected by the party of your father which you dearly love and cherish, you have to resort to lies to sell yourself as a new person. When your support base is among idisgruntled Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora who cannot vote, you have to take to social media and fill it with doctored documents, deceptive audios and negative stories about Sierra Leone to keep your audience.


Yumkela and his supporters are so desperate to win the upcoming elections that they fill social media with baseless innuendo and falsehood, but the people of Sierra Leone who have experienced the transformation of our country from a deathbed with extrajudicial killings during the Bio-Yumkela NPRC and Tejan Kabah-Berewa SLPP to a modern democracy which upholds the rule of law will not fall for these bogus schemes.

For the past few days, the Yumkela falsehood machine has been pushing a video clip from the President George Weah inauguration in Liberia in which they purport that Weah shunned President Koroma. However, that same video shows an elated Weah greeting President Koroma with two hands. In fact, Weah has great adminiration for President Koroma and the people of Sierra Leone. That is not the way to shun someone. There are other countless clips from dishonest power-hungry supporters of Yumkela who try to tarnish the record of the APC and the image of the country. What these false messengers fail to realize is that anyone who is willing to tarnish the image of the country through baseless stories is not fit to lead the country.

In another shameless propaganda, the Yumkela liars are circulating a fake document purported to be the British passport of APC flag bearer Dr. Samura Kamara. They are doing this to distract authorities from scrutinizing their candidate who is reported to have dual citizenship which disqualifies him to run for office in Sierra Leone. These tactics are not only foolhardy, but they are an affront to the intelligence of our people who know the devastating effect of fake news.

The elections in Sierra Leone will not be won on WhatsApp, Facebook, Youtube or Twitter. The elections will be won through the ballot box where the people of Sierra Leone will vote for the candidate who is honest, truthful and connects with them, not one who insults them with fake news.

The people of Kambia know that it was the APC, not Yumkela, that constructed the road to the Guinea border that now get the people of that town to Conakry and Freetown within hours. The people of Kailahun know that it was President Koroma and the APC that finally connected their chiefdom with other parts of the county by constructing modern roads to link them. The people of Bo, Moyamba, Bonthe, Pujehun, Tonkolili, Kono, Koinadugu, Bombali, Kenema, Port Loko and Freetown know that it was the APC that finally brought peace and tranquility in the country for the past ten years under a leader who did not kill anybody throughout his time in office. These are the facts that win elections.

For the broke fake forgery-prone so-called NGC, their tactics are blowing in their face. Many in the Diaspora who once supported them are finding out the truth and leaving. No one will win an election in Sierra Leone through lies and fakery. Time is up for the Yumkela lies. The truth shall prevail in Sierra Leone.

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