Timbergate scandal Kingpin Sam Sumana has no moral authority to defame anybody, let alone President Koroma


When politics becomes so nasty and the practitioners so shameless and conscienceless that even alleged swindlers, conmen , rogues , racketeers and thieves want to assume the moral high ground, it is sickening.

Sierra Leone’s disgraced former Vice-President, Alhaji Sam Sumana ,  arrived in the United States last week to begin his campaign for the presidency under the banner of the so-called Coalition  For Change ( C4C ) . There is nothing wrong with that. It is his democratic right to aspire for the presidency . It is also his right to start his campaign wherever he chooses.


However, since he arrived, instead of unveiling his campaign blueprint to Sierra Leoneans , which any decent man should have done, what the errant Sam Sumana has instead been doing is going on the  warpath with a malicious  campaign of lies, fabrication ,  distortion and concoction of stories against his former boss, the man whose benevolence made him what he is today—-PRESIDENT ERNEST BAI KOROMA. Such an act from a man who  helped to sully the name of our government and country through allegations of thieving  and corruption and the famous timbergate scandal  is disgusting,  diabolical and unacceptable.

What is Sam Sumana thinking ? That he can build his failed electioneering campaign around tarnishing the good name of President Koroma ?

What a diabolical ploy.  With a bold face and a seared conscience,  he has been hopping from one internet TV station to the other telling whooping and bold-faced lies against President Koroma and trying to fake that he was that clean, spotless , righteous man that was taken advantage of by President Koroma. What a fantastic mischief ! ! !

Sam Sumana, let it be made clear to you from the onset that you have no moral authority to claim any moral high ground over President Koroma or any other citizen for that matter. Your name does not smell sweet in the noses of Sierra Leoneans  , being a man who had never at any time, while in governance, been associated with anything noble. You  should shut his mouth about corruption or about President Koroma because you were  a man who was dogged by one scandalous allegation  after the other while you were Vice-President . Because of these allegations, you were a big embarrassment to the government and the country and should be grateful to President Koroma that he did not disgracefully boot you out of office for putting the government and country to disrepute.


The President Ernest Bai Koroma you are trying to paint is so different from the Ernest Koroma we Sierra Leoneans  know. Out of sheer malice and a vainglorious desire to paper over the cracks in your flawed personality and portray yourself as that perfect man that was persecuted by President Koroma , you are lying that President Koroma threatened a delegation from Port Loko that if they did not support his bid for a third term, he will kill somebody and drink wine over his grave . How can President Koroma make such a threat , when he himself had never told anybody he wanted a third term ? How can he utter such a threat when he has never shown himself to be a violent man ? This is a wicked lie , Mr. Sam Sumana.

The President Ernest Koroma we know , who is very guarded over his statements, will never make such a threat to a delegation. This is a lie calculated by you to cast the President as the violent man that he has never been in his life. A man who has never hurt a fly in his life ; a man who is the only president who has never shed blood in Sierra Leone , would make such a threatening statement to a delegation ? …..NOT EVEN THE PRESIDENT’S ENEMIES WILL BELIEVE SUCH A DEMONIC LIE ABOUT PRESIDENT KOROMA ! ! ! It just shows the wickedness and depravity in you and the  self-serving attitude  that makes you think only about yourself . May God help our Sierra Leonean people not to be taken by your pharisee and  hypocritical attitude.

If President Koroma was the corrupt leader, dictator and the hard -to-work-with personality you  now portray him, why didn’t you resign your job at the time ? Why did you continue to be a veritable lapdog behind him and stayed at your job until you messed yourself up ? Why didn’t you say at the material time when the chaos started  that you fell out with President because he pressured you for a third term ? A wicked liar never remembers  his previous lie. Did you not say at the U.S. Embassy where you had fled that you did not know why President Koroma had fallen out with  you ? If what you are saying is true, would it not have been the most appropriate time to have said it when you sought refuge at the U.S. Embassy ?

Another shameful lie you have told is that President Koroma orchestrated the Al Jazeera sting operation  and the Timbergate scandal involving you that brought our whole nation to disrepute. You fail to realize that some of the young people you used are still alive and one of them would soon come out clean to expose your lies and how you tried to use them to defraud the country.

You have come to America to tell lies about President Koroma. If you dare come to New Jersey to stage a town hall meeting, you will catch hell because we, the Koromaists here ,  will challenge you in that meeting with all the newspaper and magazine reports about your corruption allegations  in Sierra Leone. I will let the world know the real person you are. You should be trying to clear the stinking mess around your own name instead of launching a campaign of defamation against President Koroma, whose bountiful kindness and  tolerance  made you what you are today .

Sam Sumana, you are a man of very bad faith and I wonder why Sierra Leoneans should trust you with the presidency  . When somebody leaves a government,  for any reason , he does not go around exposing damaging stuff about a government of which he was not only a  part, but held the second highest office . Have you ever heard the term, “COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY” ? You were the second in command. How would you have possibly sat down and seen all the things you are narrating  and said nothing about them ? Why is it only now that you are speaking against these things ?

The Sierra Leonean people  know you for what you are and will not believe you .

Be assured that some of us will correct any false allegation you make about the President and the government.

Please remove the log in your eyes before you try to talk about the speck in other people’s eyes.

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