UN Sierra Leone Club and Permanent Mission collaborate to organize 50th Independence Anniversary programs

Sierra Leone’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations in America will not be organized by respectives states alone . Even the Permanent Mission of Sierra Leone  to the United Nations and the UN Sierra Leone Club are also planning their own programs. In a meeting held at the Mission yesterday, the Permanent Mission and the UN Club decided to collaborate in organizing  the jubilee celebrations. Since  diplomats at the Mission are also members of the UN Sierra Leone Club, it will be easier for the Mission and the Club to work together.

Among decisions taken at the meeting were for both the Mission and the UN Sierra Leone Club to attend the Independence Anniversary programs organized by the umbrella organization –The Union of Sierra Leone Organizations of New York  and for the UN Sierra Leone Club to join the New Jersey Somerset Parade on Saturday April 23. The Club will then organize a tri-state Parade in September in conjunction with AMISTAD , whose ship will be docked in New York during the same time. It  is expected to be a massive parade that will atract Sierra Leoneans from the continental United States.

It was also discussed that organizations and the Mission and the UN Sierra Leone Club patronize each others’ activities.

The UN Sierra Leone Club will launch ‘Sierra Leone Week’ at the UN  on Monday April 25  at a program where the Permanent Representative, HE. Shekou Touray  and other personalities will deliver statements .The  club will launch its photo week, which will feature  pictures of significant events and personalities of Sierra Leone since she gained Independence from Britain in 1961 .  Sierra Leoneans and Friends of Sierra Leone who have vintage photos that will  usefully embellish those already in possession of the UN Club  are urged to provide them for the Photo Week, which will be lauched on that day.

On Independence Anniversay Day, Wednesday April 27, the UN Sierra Leone Club will stage its photo exhibition at the UN Delegates Entrance .On that day too, the Permanent Mission will have its 50th Anniversary Party at the UN.


On Thursday April 28, the  UN Sierra Leone Club will organize what was described as  ‘A Taste of Sierra Leone’  , which will be a Luncheon Sale at the UN , where Sierra Leonean dishes of all varieties will be available.

With all these exciting activities in the works, the 50th Independence Anniversary will be the biggest celebration ever undertaken by the nation since Independence itself in 1961.

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