US Doctors to monitor Ebola in Sierra Leone

an medical team from “METABIOTA” contracted by the United States Department of Defense on Monday March 24th, 2014 took leave of Ambassador Bockari Kortu Stevens at the Sierra Leone Embassy in Washington DC. Dr. Joseph Fair and Dr. Jean Paul Gonzales as experts who will investigate assess, evaluate, and help combat the Ebola virus that broke out in areas in West Africa.


It can be recalled that on March 23rd 2014, Guinea confirmed reports that samples from victims of “viral hemorrhagic fever” tested positive for the Ebola virus.


Dr. Joseph Fair, PhD, MPH, Corporate Vice President of METABIOTA said, “We  are working in partnership with the government of Sierra Leone  and in particular, the Ministry of Health to help assess, investigate and provide strategies to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.


“There are four suspected cases in Sierra Leone, and we are departing this week to test and prove any available information to ascertain its existence.”


Responding, Ambassador Stevens said “It is good that we now have a medical team that is proceeding to Sierra Leone to ascertain the facts, whether or not Ebola virus exists in our country” adding, “It is good that we have early responders: that is, Professionals are going to Sierra Leone without any delay to see if we have it, if not they will prevent it: If it is there it will be contained”.


He said the areas affected in Guinea are in Southern and South East of Guinea, near Sierra Leone and Liberian borders.


“I am particularly delighted for them to go because it is expected that by the middle of the year they are going to construct a Center for Excellence in Kenema to provide training for some of our personnel,” the esteemed Ambassador noted.


L- R: Dr. John Paul Gonzales (Center) Ambassador Bockari Stevens & Dr. Joseph Fair

METABIOTA assesses and investigate infectious disease threats through pathogen discovery, disease detection and threat characterization. The pioneering science begins in viral hot spots where they conduct endemic and epidemic outbreak investigations. The Ebola virus leads to severe hemorrhagic fever in its victims and has no vaccine or specific treatment.


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