V.P Warns Government Officials, Heads of Prastatals and Commissions.

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 V.P Warned Government Officials,Heads of Prastatals&Commissions.

The Office of the Vice President has in a widely circulated Press release informed all Government officials, including those of parastatals and commissions who wish to travel out of the country to secure clearance from the inspector General of Police before leaving the shores of Sierra Leone .

This development came just few days after the setting up of a transitional team that is currently interfacing with Government ministries and departments.
The release was widely received with mixed feelings from the general public.A senior Government Minister in the former Sierra Leone’s Peoples Party told LeoneClub that he is not aware of this development and further went on to say’’I don’t think I need a police clearance before traveling out of this country. he said.
Meanwhile, report reaching Leoneclub says that the office of the vice president has just issue another release stating reasons why these officials need Security clearance before traveling.According to the release the vice president wants to see a smooth transition and this will be better done when these officials are in town.
By: Murtala Mohamed Kamara

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