Vice President Bockarie Assures Hope For Kailahun District peoples.


The Sierra Leone Vice President, Victor Bockarie Foh recently continued his mobilization drive and appreciation tour to chiefdom’s in the Kailahun District in the fight to eradicate the deadly Ebola Virus Disease ravaging the country.



Victor Bockarie Foh, who was received in the Kailahun District by a large turn-out of religious leaders, paramount chiefs, traditional leaders and stakeholders said that the purpose of the meeting amongst other things was to convene his fellow chiefdom brothers and sisters in the fight to end the Ebola crisis as well as offer prayers for those lost to the current epidemic in the district and the entire country. Residents in the Kailahun District described the Vice President’s visit to the chiefdom’s as a show of love and appreciation to his people, lauding the religious and political tolerance going on in the district.



In a brief stopover at Shagbema, Victor Bockarie Foh admonished the people before heading to the township of Kailahun court bray. In his statement in the bray, the Vice President encouraged his people to adhere to the advises given to them by health officials in the prevention of the Ebola virus. He told the people to use water, hand sanitizers, thermometers for checking temperature and chlorine among others.



The Vice President reiterated that his mobilization drive to the district was to talk to his people to see reasons why they should come together and help to end the Ebola virus in the country. On his arrival in Shagbama, a large turnout of people from all works of life including youths, paramount chiefs, traditional heads, political heads, stakeholders and religious leaders attended the Ebola sensitization meeting in the community chiefdom bray.
In his address at the occasion, the Vice President urged the people to look for answers collectively to the prevailing Ebola crisis affecting the nation. He charged the people to respect their elders and those in authority; pointing out that the Kailahun people have to find ways and means to forgive one another, observing that there is no guarantee that the political opportunity they presently enjoy will be sustained if they do not handle it with care and wisdom. The Vice President also called on all the Kailahun people to bury their differences and forgive each other for the sake of peace in the district.

He expressed fulfillment over meeting with the people of Kailahun, saying the purpose of his visit to the district was to further expatiate on the dangers of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease. The Vice President also bided the gathering to unite and brainstorm on how to kick out the current epidemic in the country as well as work towards development of the district. He called on stakeholders in the district to work tenaciously to provide the district with electricity, water supply, good roads, educational facilities and health services.

VP Bockarie Foh commended the people for their developmental strides in the chiefdom, especially the awareness campaign going on since the outbreak of Ebola in the country. He advised them to continue with the awareness campaign in the chiefdom’s, insisting that they have to be mindful of what they do among each other to avoid transmission of the virus. He pointed out that they should work as a team to eradicate the Ebola Virus Disease, noting that no single person can develop Kailahun District without the collective efforts of the people.

While applauding the host Paramount Chiefs, and the Residence Minister, Mr Maya Kaikai as well as health workers and political party members for their hard work and dedication to the fight to eradicate the deadly Ebola virus disease in the district, the Vice President inferred that the dreams and values of the people of Kailahun District is becoming recognized in the party as well as the towns of the district as a result of the Vice President’s visit to the district.

“It is also the plan of the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone to take another step towards helping the less privileged, youths, women, the educational system, health workers and the district, etc. It is clearly revealing to the people, the commitment of the Vice President to seeing development take place in the district,” he explained.

The Vice President expressed his determination to ensure that from 2015 onwards, there will be change for the Kailahun people. He promised to serve the country and make the people of the district cheerful through providing developmental programs for them. He stressed his readiness to offer best services in the bid to achieve great success for the district.
Speaking on his responsibility to his people and country as Vice President, he said that above all things, he has served President Koroma diligently in the promotion of the agenda for prosperity as a humble servant and good successor in the political angle. He told the audience that it was time for all people to stop discriminating the poor, to promote total peace in the district and reinforce their determination to work as brothers and sisters among each other.

He intensified that issues bordering on the Ebola outbreak in the country has been rife and it is time to bring up new ideas. Adding, it is never too late to come out with creative ideas that are beneficial to the district. “Be you Diaspora or not, come as a family so you will help to make a change for real,” he iterated. He advised them not to compromise the truth for the sake of peace; informing them to begin to set their hearts and minds on promoting the good work of the President and appreciating him so that they will succeed at the end as one family in the district.

Foh encouraged them to be the chosen ones, to stand behind him and be part of the success in his dreams to bring a good name to the district. He also advised them to put aside all petty politics and work tremendously as one family. “Looking back on what the Ebola disease has done since the outbreak till now, the President deserves compliments for a job well done, if not from the APC Party, at least from the Kailahun people as a family,” he observed.

He outlined many problems affecting the district, identifying the development strategies that will helped to ease the constraints in the district and averred that it was time to look for answers collectively to the Kailahun District problems.

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