Vote of Thanks from PMDC – Supporters of Good Governance and Democracy:


 Friday December 16, 2005

We in the diaspora supporting a Positive Democratic Change, for the love of our Beloved Country Sierra Leone and its nationals, do applaud with great appreciation and Our  Highest Consideration,  the Concerns expressed by the Embassy of France, Embassy of the United States of America, The British High Commissioner and the Delegation of the European Commission regarding the arrest of Charles Francis Margai, Leader of the unregistered Peoples’ Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) and some of his supporters on Wednesday 7th December.

This unprecedented action to a man with massive support in and out of Sierra Leone with his supporters in the process of forming a political party to run for the 2007 Presidential elections is bound to heighten  political tension in the country thus threatening Peace, Stability and the national security as a whole.  Your concerns are a show of solidarity for the promotion of World Peace and Democracy.  On the whole neither opposition leader nor supporters should be subject to such treatment in this democratic 21st century era.


There is little doubt that the arrest of Charles Margai is clearly an orchestrated plot to eliminate him one way or the other so that he does not run for the 2007 Presidential elections and in the process frustrate his supporters.  This must not happen in a country that professes democracy and that has just been delivered from many years of brutal war which scars are still raw and visible caused by greed and similar actions.   The onus is now on the SLPP government to desist from using unnecessary force on political opponents and to create and tolerate a democratic atmosphere for all parties to campaign lawfully and freely in preparation for the free and fair elections in 2007.


Supporters of the PMDC would like to urge the government of Sierra Leone to invent no delay tactics in the proceedings with the case against Charles Margai and others but to process the cases in  honesty  and transparency for a quick resolve.  There is no doubt in our minds that Charles Francis Margai and his supporters are law abiding citizens and will do everything within their rights to maintain that.


Governments come and go, political parties will fade away even people die and become history, but Sierra Leone will be there decade after decade, let us put Sierra Leone first in preparation for future proud and successful generations to come.


We hold you in High Esteem.


Agnes K Macauley – Chair Margai Campaign Group

On Behalf of PMDC – supporters of Good Governance and Democracy for Sierra Leone.


London – 15th December 2005

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