Welcome to the APC: If the SLPP do not know how to utilize you for the national interest , President Koroma does

Welcome to the APC: If the SLPP do not know how to utilize you for the national interest , President Koroma does

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All true Sierra Leoneans will welcome what is happening in Freetown today . The ruling All People’s Congress ( APC ) will be welcoming into its fold one of the most poular politicians in the nation, Alhaji Usman Wusu Boie Kamara , and two others  mistreated by the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP ) –Former U.S. Military Major, Ishmael Sengu Koroma and Khadi Johnson-Cole. Politics is about numbers, consensus, constructive engagement and seeking the national interest .

As APC Secretary General, Mr. Victor Foh, has just told Star Radio , the SLPP is all about fragmentation.  It is all the fault of the SLPP. They are not holding on to their members. They are not treating their members well. They are creating a pool of disenchanted politicians who should have been employed to help push this nation forward. In such a tenous and chaotic situation, the APC is doing the right thing to welcome these politicians in the interest of national cohesion and national development.

If the SLPP  lacks the ability to manage people and use them more productively for the national good, then the APC, as the party of the people and as the party in governance has the right to open its arms  to the mistreated politicians and to cultivate and utilize their abilities to help develop the nation. By being able to win those disenfranchized, marginalized and mal treated by the SLPP, the  APC has demonstrated that it is the only party in the nation that is able to unite the nation.  Unisa Alim Sesay ( Awoko ), the popular socialite , rightly told Star Radio that the ability of a good politician is to be able to win over those who do not support you.

The lesson the SLPP  will learn is that tribalism, regionalism and marginalization of people do not pay. Fanatics of the SLPP can say all they want but what is happening today is that they are paying the price for their tribalism, regionalism  and  unnecessary marginalization of people who speak the truth in their midst. Adams Bangura from London , in a text message to Star Radio, said that the SLPP  is not suffering from tribalism but  poor leadership.

Whatever the case, the SLPP has clearly demonstrated that it does not know anything about human resource management  and the meaning of numbers in politics.  They lost power in 2007 when they betrayed Chief Hinga Norman and kicked Charles Margai in the teeth, which led to the formation of the People’s Movement For Democratic Change ( PMDC). They have made another monumental mistake in 2012  by maltreating and  losing the likes of  J.B. Dauda, Wusu Boie , Sengu Koroma, John Leigh, Kadi Johnson-Cole , Lansana Fadika and others.

The SLPP  must learn to listen.

We hope the incoming politicians will throw all their weight behind President Ernest Koroma to help him build a better and prosperous Sierra Leone.

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