FLASHBACK : Were they the trials of the century in Sierra Leone ?

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Again, I bring my readers another interesting story from the 1966 and 1967 newspapers given to me by the legendary Peace Corps and historian, Gary Schulze. I am posting two of the biggest legal cases we had in Sierra Leone 50 years ago. This is for the benefit of many of our present day journalists, social activists and social media commentators who were not born yet when these events occurred.

The events in question pertain to the murders of the police Superintendent, Mr. Cyril Grant and the POW fifth former, Louis Farmer.. Americans regard the O.J Simpson trial as the trial of the century. Were these two cases the trials of the century in Sierra Leone ?

For you the youngsters, Mr. Grant was killed by a Gambian diamond dealer , Lansana Kuruballay, while being led to a ship at the PORTS to be deported .

Louis Farmer, on the other hand, was murdered by some students after an athletics meeting at Brookfields Stadium.

They were among the biggest legal cases we ever had in Sierra Leone. They captivated the nation like the O.J.Simpson trial in America.. The only two other big trials I can remember were the Alimamy Khazali Ritual Murder case and the Mohamed Sorie Fornah and 14 others Treason trial.

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Trial of the Century 2

Here on the right hand side is the Daily Mail report on the other murder case I spoke about in my first post- the murder of the Prince of Wales School fifth former, Louis Farmer.

As I said in my first post, these cases captivated the whole nation , like the O.J. Simpson trial in the USA.

Farmer was a famous sportsman , loved and admired by everybody and as you can see from his photo he was a very handsome young man, and well dressed .

The trial of the schoolboys who allegedly killed him and the trial of Lansana Kuruballay, who murdered the police office I mentioned in my first post , were the biggest trials of their kind in Sierra Leone. The only two other trials that probably supplanted them were the Alimamy Khazali Ritual murder case in 1974 and the treason trial of Mohamed Sorie Fornah and 14 others in 1975.

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