When best of friends meet: First ladies exemplify solid relationship between Sierra Leone and Nigeria

Published by Cocorioko News – By Kabs-Kanu:
 There was a memorable  moment of outpouring of pure and effusive love at the UN Conference Room 2 on Wednesday when two great friends –The first Lady of Sierra Leone, Mrs. Sia Nyama Koroma and the First Lady of Nigeria, Mrs.Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan –met during the side meeting of the High-level HIV/AIDS Summit  presently going on in New York.
The First Ladies of the World were meeting in a segment dubbed : “First Spouses For The Elimination of New HIV Infections in Children.”Madams Koroma and Jonathan are very best of friends, a relationship struck during the many meetings so far between the Presidents of Sierra Leone and Nigeria – Dr.Ernest Bai Koroma and Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, who also enjoy an excellent relationship that reflects the age-old  fraternal ties  between the two West African nations. Therefore, when the two ladies met at the hall on Wednesday, it was a scene worth recapturing. They hugged,embraced, shook hands with much enthusiasm and whispered the fine sentiments of the sister relationships between the two nations in each other’s ears. Members of their entourage, including delegations representing the two countries at the HIV/AIDS Summit and ofcourse many of the delegates from other countries could only stand there rapt in admiration.
Madam Koroma, a woman loved far and wide, also spent a generous time shaking hands with and speaking with other first ladies at the meeting. The meeting had a delayed opening as organizers gave the first ladies chance to fraternize with each other.It was such a dramatic scene and we bring you photos of the emotional meeting between the first ladies of two African nations with very strong cultural and kinship ties, despite the distance between them.During their meeting which followed, the First Lady of Gabon , Mrs. Bongo , on behalf of her colleagues , in the closing remarks , said that the First Ladies  resolved:

  • To eliminate by 2015, mother to child HIV infection
  • To Allocate substantial funds to facilitate this ambitious endeavor
  • To provide better access to support and care for children infected by their mothers and the mothers
  • To help provide better access to family planning
  • To strengthen sexual health for adolescents
  • To participate more in childcare and called for the community to act as partners

Mrs. Koroma (Left) and Mrs. Jonathan 



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