When Kamarainba tries to speak on issues, ignorance comes tumbling down

By Party Pikin

At any time Kamarainba tries to engage on issues, he only succeeds to expose how poorly informed he is. His recent tirade against President Koroma and the APC on the construction of a regional party office epitomises his lack of understanding of the issues.

He said President Koroma should have told the Chinese to build a seven storey building at FBC. What a shame. The project that is ongoing at FBC is complete rehabilitation of ALL the buildings at FBC plus the construction of new ones including hotels, staff quarters, classrooms, canteen etc. But I don’t blame him, he never went to university so would not understand what constitute a university. For him a seven storey building is enough.


He talked about a seven storey building at Connaught hospital. No President Koroma thinks higher than that. What the transformative leader needs is a 500 bed ultra modern medical complex with top notched equipment which will also include staff quarters for doctors and nurses.

Kamarainba talks about a seven storey building for youth. No, President Koroma’s plan for the youth is way better than that. The transformative leader is pursuing the construction of Youth villages that would serve as training centers of excellence for youth all across the country.

Kamarainba complains about Chinese companies? What a shame…does he not see Senegalese CSE, French Bolore, British Nectare companies? Does he not see local contractors like Sanusi, Gento, Alimu, Malador being empowered?

But let’s come again to the Chinese, go all round Africa boy, you will see that the Chinese have taken the lead in infrastructure and this is for good reason…Look at the massive progress they have made as a nation…they say show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. Today, any African nation that seeks to grow out its underdevelopment should befriend the Chinese.

But Kamarainba’s ignorance about governance is so deep that you can only describe him as a political daft – he doesn’t understand global trends, he does not understand geopolitics and how one could tap from existing opportunities.

And let me state for his edification that the Chinese offered to build a State House, but President Koroma, being selfless and being a leader that puts the interest of his people first said, “I will manage with this but please use that money to build a much needed road for us”. That’s what has translated to the Regent – Jui Road. Furthermore, Kamarainba should know that the APC party has a special relationship with the Chinese Communist Party which has also translated into the seven storey building he’s crying about.

So for a political novice who has failed to get himself properly educated, to come out with such nonesense to attack the most transformative and successful leader of Sierra Leone, goes to tell you how immature and dishonest the poorly educated fellow is. It’s sad that a nonentity like Kamarainba could take pleasure in attacking a great national leader, but these are some of the hazards of democracy.

Kamarainba, the ignorant

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