Monday May 20, 2019

President Bio is a rat who bites you and inflicts painful injuries. Then he blows the wound and lulls you to sleep only to bite you again once you are back to deep sleep.

As you stir in bed , trying to wake up due to the pain, he blows the wound again and lulls get back to sleep and again he bite you deep into your flesh. On and on. By the time you wake up, you are nursing a deadly wound .


This is the nature of the man the British imposed on us last year as President . He operates by biting, even his wife’s lover, whose ear he chewed off in America. He is a beast who has no respect for rules, laws, constitutions, public decorum, order or peace. Britain chose the wrong man to benefit from their diabolical regime change agenda .

Since he came to power, he has wounded everybody that is not his tribesman or woman. He has wounded poor market women and traders whose stalls his barbarians burnt down after Britain imposed him on us. ; he has wounded diplomats and civil servants whom he fired because they are not his tribesmen or women. He has wounded technocrats and parliamentarians; he has wounded party supporters who wear red. He has wounded the Krios whose ancestral lands and homes are being bulldozed into dust.

While these wounds are festering and he has done nothing about them, he wants to trick the opposition into a fake round table conference to deceive the international community that he stands for national peace and cohesion —The very national peace and cohesion he has bitten to death in Sierra Leone.

Without repentance for all the wounds he has inflicted and with one-third of the nation crying pain, he wants APC leaders to go and sit down with him and legitimize his bloody and dictatorial rule to the international community.

APC must not go there. APC must boycott Bintumani 3. It is a trap to help legitimize President Bio’s wicked rule . Once they go there, Britain, the U.S and the international community , who care only for their own interests, will force them to sign resolutions and documents that will bind them to be cowards while President Bio continues to trash the country. After that, all legitimate APC fights to stop Bio on his path of nation-destruction will be deemed as violations of Bintumani 3. APC will become the Bad Boy that never likes peace, reconciliation and national cohesion in Sierra Leone.

If Bio wants peace and national cohesion, let him start from the beginning. Let him rescind all the unconstitutional and illegal laws and actions he has taken since he came to power. Let him reinstate all the workers he fired because they are not Mendes and let him undo all the tribalistic appointments he has made. Let him make another cabinet reshuffle and create a government of national unity and national cohesion. Then we will know that he means what he says.

Unless and until President Bio takes the above measures, nobody should treat him seriously. Nobody should attend his fake and fraudulent Bintumani Peace Conference.

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