Pieces going round social medias castigating blames on Chief Sam Sumana is irrelevant to civilised, matured and intelligent politicians and non politicians. Hate is in every corner chasing the righteous people in the world. Even when Jesus Christ came into the world to save our souls and died for our sins, he was hated and betrayed by his people. After all blaspheming stories against him and later killed on the Cross by the haters, it was a sad regret to them, knowing at the end that Jesus was the real Messiah it was too late for their reverse. This is what is happening to Chief Sam Sumana.


Chief Sam Sumana is APC by birth. He was disowned by the very APC party when the rising sun was shining yesterday. Chief Sam Sumana was not willing to leave the APC party. Instead he was undermined by some of his so called Kono people, for one of the giants power mongers to take over the day dreaming position of this gentleman, which was impossible to God and the direction was directed to another area of interest. Chief Sam Sumana, after a long awaited time listening to the APC party which he couldn’t hear, prompted him to form the C4C party. People were looking low on Chief Sam Sumana, condemning him as nobody. But the popularity of Chief Sam Sumana was demonstrated by his people in that decisive district of Kono in Sierra Leone. In 2018 we saw the out come of the results of the general elections. That unpopular Chief Sam Sumana as he was called, took over the entire political district from the strong hands and richly self styled powerful people in the land of Kono. Yet some of the viruses in the APC party, who are enemies of progress do not want to see the APC coming back to power, are still bent down to see the fall of APC.

Chief Sam Sumana is no longer C4C party member. Chief Sam Sumana do not take any active roll in the C4C nor even an adviser to C4C. If Chief Sam Sumana was performing all of the above rolls within the C4C, he could have been named in another way, as some sycophants are saying that Sam Sumana is not sincere of his coming back to the APC party. The Honourable members of C4C are 8 in in numbers in Parliament, headed by Hon. Emerson Lamina who is the caucus Leader in Parliament for the C4C. Some of this members are against Chief Sam Sumana including Emerson Lamina because Chief Sam Sumana has resigned from C4C party. Amongst the 8 MPs of C4C, 4 of them are grateful and consistent to Chief Sam Sumana, while the other 4 are already in support of the SLPP including Emerson Lamina who is thinking for an higher position in the future.
Therefore if 3 members out of 8 voted in favour of the SLPP nominee as Chief Electoral and Chairman of the the National Electoral Commission, why should the blame be cast on Chief Sam Sumana? Gentlemen and ladies, let us be sincere with our thoughts, words and deeds. So many bills and appointments had gone through Parliament and the results were always in favour, whether you like it or not. Some of us out side parliament knows the games been played by our MPs. Let us stop blaming others and be united for the battle ahead of us. No body is 100% perfect in humanity.
Sam Sumana has not lost the taste of Kono, Kailahun, Kenema, Falaba, Koinadugu and the Southern districts. Sam Sumana is in control of Kono more than any one of us in the APC. The future of the APC party and Kono is in our hands. Let us take the APC party to be the real property in our lives. Audios circulating around talking about Chief Sam Sumana that he is not in control of Kono, those people are enemies of progress for the APC party. Power comes from God. If Sam Sumana has been destined to become a leader of this country by God, then it will surely happened. If he is not called for, then all lies in the hands of God. We must be united for 2023 as one family and stop the divisions. Why should we put a barrier before Chief Sam Sumana when the man has entered the house of his birth?

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