Why Ernest Koroma is a better choice for President in 2007



Friday September 23, 2005

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Sierra Leone has had Presidents from varied backgrounds including law, Union Shop Stewardship, Military training and International relations. But what do we show for all these qualifications, nothing but abysmal failures. Mired with persistent corruption at all levels of Government, inefficiency of governmental operations, massive deficits, and anarchy in the democratic machinery, Sierra Leone today needs a change in the qualifications for the office of the President. Sierra Leone needs Ernest Bai Koroma, a man with proven success as a Business Executive.

Honorable Ernest Bai Koroma, leader of the All Peoples Congress (APC), comes with an impeccable record as a CEO at RITCORP. He has also functioned in a management capacity at the National Insurance Corporation (NIC). Hon. Koroma is credited for raising RITCORP from near bankruptcy to one of the most successful business in Sierra Leone.

Given the extent of Sierra Leone’s debt, the massive deficits, and backwardness of the Agriculture sector, unless Sierra Leone is led by a business minded individual it would continue on its present path to bankruptcy. The Hon. Ernest Bai Koroma is Sierra Leones best hope to turn things around.

Governments throughout the world have been borrowing, concepts and methodologies from private sectors for application in public employment because they work. Governments around the world are increasingly taking the business approach to running the ship of state with an eye towards improving their nation’s standard of living for its citizens. Only Ernest Bai Koroma offers a promise for a better Sierra Leone in contrast to an ideology of dependency and a state of hopelessness under President Tejan Kabba and his Vice President Solomon Brewa.

Sierra Leone needs an honest President who will make fighting corruption in government a priority. Elijah Zarwan, in his article ?Rebuilding Sierra Leone’ dated October 1, 2002  included a quote from Ernest Koroma in which he said ?In order to battle corruption, we must also address the issue of income.. We need to insure that people in Sierra Leone have enough income to provide for their families, to educate their children, to plan for their retirement. If we do not address these issues, the temptation to resort to corrupt practices will prove too strong for many in Sierra Leone to resist’  Ernest supports activities of the ACC and advocates for an effective police force and an independent Judiciary.

Evidence of honesty and steadfastness is exemplified in this widely circulated story of a confrontation between Ernest Koroma as the Insurance agent and President Siaka Stevens. The story is told that in the early 1980’s a claim was made for fire damage to the President’s residence. Seeing that the claim appeared exorbitant, Ernest used his professional Judgment to substantially limit the claim. After receiving briefing on the issue, the President, Dr. Siaka Stevens, summoned the spokesman for RITCORP to his house for a discussion on the matter. Fearing that the President, Dr. Siaka Stevens, may be upset, the then CEO decided to have Ernest Koroma attend the special meeting with the President since it was he who made the determination. To every ones surprise, the President congratulated Ernest for a job well done because of his refusal to succumb to pressure by executing a decision based on company policy. Ernest Bai Koroma is a honest man.

Ernest is ?Mr. clean’, a Concord Times article by Osman Ben Sankor dated September 14, 2005, quoted friends of Ernest as saying. The story continues to say that he has nothing to worry about in terms of whatever corruption, be it voucher gate or squander gate. The article also revealed that Ernest Koroma made it clear that his “is a new A.P.C,” a complete break from the past. Born in 1953, Ernest Koroma is a Business Executive turned politician with love for his country and a genuine intention to govern Sierra Leone in a manner that would ensure positive growth and development.


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