Why Ghana will continue to be way ahead of Sierra Leone

By Abdul A. Kargbo

Ghana to become the fastest growing economy in the world not by tribal appointments or by blaming the previous administration for what they did or did not do. Similarly President Akuffo Ado has created hundreds of thousands of jobs for the youths who were unemployed before he came into office within two years and his government guaranteed the safety and security of all Ghanaians. While in Sierra Leone some people are actually boasting and cheering on as this government is tearing up the fabrics of our democracy. President Addo’s respect for human rights and the stable political atmosphere he created in Ghana is attracting foreign direct investments to Ghana like nobody’s business.


It must be recalled that these were the same policies President Koroma introduced in Sierra Leone in his first term in office when our country became the fastest growing economy in the world and had the highest direct foreign investments in West Africa. If it were not for the Ebola disaster that errupted in 2014 by now Sierra Leone would have been far ahead.

Unlike our current tribal chieftain and divider in-Chief who thrives on violence, intimidation and broad daylight constitutional violations and blames his utter ineptitude and incompetence on his predecessor. Somehow Julius Bio in his primitive and narrow mindedness thinks that shouting his favorite slogan of I’m fighting corruption everytime he speaks to the international media will attract foreign investments. If anything, that message of his is actually discouraging to potential investors.

Another factor that is driving potential investors in Sierra Leone is the fact that there is no guarantee that future administration will stick to any contract they may have with any Sierra Leone government. The mamamah airport comes to mind in this case. The contract for that airport was not an APC contract. It was the legitimate government of Sierra Leone that signed that contract and the same government of Sierra Leone nullified the contract with no regards to the investors. This single action alone is sending the wrong message to potential investors who are thinking of investing in Sierra Leone because there is no guarantee on their investments. So for those of you who are clapping that the New Direction is on the right course, you need to rethink that position again.

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