Why it is hallucinatory for any coalition to make any mark in the 2018 elections

There are obvious reasons why it is hallucinatory for any coalition to make any mark in the 2018 elections.

The human mind takes a he long time to have information inculcated into it – for that information to trigger a break away from political mindsets; or, radical action.

People can shift away from the political status quo when there is flagrant and visible repression in a country, and the people yearn for Freedom. The reverse is the case over the past nine years. Over 50 private radio stations operate in the country in every district, and over 70 private newspapers – unfettered and uncensored (With a population of just 7 million people, Sierra Leone probably has the densest free media in Africa today). Political party leaders are freely moving about the country and speaking freely using all media.


There is VISIBLE and TANGIBLE development wrought by the governing APC. When these developmental feats are put into perspective – in roads, energy, water works – it is obvious they have wrought significant improvement in the lives of the majority rural populations, in an egalitarian way.

The Coalition won’t win even 1% of votes cast in the South/East (more only in Kono); and at best, only 2% in the North. Depending on who is their presidential candidate, they could get up to 7% in Freetown, and will not shake the dominance of the APC in Freetown. Why?

Reason One: Sierra Leoneans have shown to be the most politically-conservative people in West Africa – they are very unlikely to be galvanized into change by a movement a year old.

Reason Three: The Coalition leaders lack the moral authority for national leadership for now. Moral authority is not something that can be whipped up with just criticisms and fine speeches. Moral authority takes time to be earned. Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Buhari and the new Ghanaian President did not earn their moral authority to overthrow established systems or win elections overnight.

Politicians who swing into Sierra Leone about two years to elections deriding and criticising everything that has been tangibly done by the governing APC would earn largely derision from the conservative rural Sierra Leoneans.

Reason Three : Oswald Hanciles, the Guru, is a senior staff in this APC government, and is playing a key role in the APC 2018 campaign. Surely, you are not going to underestimate “The Guru”, are you?

I pause.

Oswald Hanciles, the Guru

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