Why some of them have become President Koroma’s most bitter critics


Why is it that it is some of the men who failed to get jobs with President Koroma who have become the most vocal critics of the Head of State now, peddling lies and slander about him ? President Koroma does not talk and is very silent over all of these things as a very mature person but we , who are working with him , know these things and they leave us confused about human nature.



The public out there will think that the reason that some of these critics —from the SLPP, APC and PMDC–keep coming out of the cracks to attack President Koroma so viciously is that the Chief Executive is faring so badly , but they need to know the truth that some of his critics are lambasting him because of frustration. Some we know tried unsuccessfully to get jobs from the government, after which they have become bitter critics of President Koroma.  If you think that only APC fanatics are fighting to get jobs with this government, you are mistaken. In fact, the real  APC stalwarts and fanatics have not yet turned against the government . They have not become bitter critics yet. They  deserve to be commended for continuing to fight for the party though they have not been employed by the government. God will bless them for their sacrificial work. The guilty parties are those on the fringes and the periphery ( Neither really SLPP in public, but also not fully COMMITTED  to the APC ) .  Because of one of two things they did, they thought they deserved to be employed. But are they not being unreasonable ? If the khaki is not enough for the station masters, how can the porters expect some ?

The  excessive code of secrecy over some of these events will be broken by some of us , who want the public to know the truth, that  it is nothing but opportunism and bad politics being displayed by some of these critics.

Strangely, the other victim of this politics of frustration is your humble servant. They once ran with me, but today they are hunting with the hounds because they say I refused to help them get jobs with the government. Go to one infamous anonymous forum. Many of the people attacking me are either folks who are mad with me because they say I did not recommend them for jobs or jealous people who would have  loved to be in my position. They are bitterly envious of me and cannot disguise it. Thank God I am not the one saying it. Their obsession with what I am being paid at the UN betrays them . The statement about envy is coming instead  right from the mouths of  their own fellow forum participants . I had never know how envious and diabolical some of my countrymen can be until I got my present job. I can write volumes about the green monster lurking in the hearts of some of my people.

Sheku Sheriff, a blogger, once wrote an interesting article with a very eye-catching headline : THE FIGHT FOR GOVERNMENT JOBS BECOMES SUBLIME. Nothing captures the story better than this brilliant headline from Sheriff, the Segbwema Blogger. So, my dear people. This is the main reason for all the verbal abuse we are suffering. The fight for government jobs has become sublime.

Please note : I am not saying that this government does not have daunting challenges. All governments have them. Secondly, I am not saying that everybody criticising President Koroma was denied a job or that they have ulterior motives. . Many of President Koroma’s critics are genuine patriots who are concerned about the welfare of the country. Some of the President’s critics are opposition elements who have to live up to expectations in the spirit of multi-party democracy. I have no problems with that, because democracy has to prevail in Sierra Leone. However, I have problems with sour-grapes critics —People who went all out to get jobs with this government and because they failed to do have become the President’s most bitter critics. If they had been employed , would it have made a difference how they viewed President Koroma and his performance in office ? These are the people who should be called sycophants , not the loyal supporters of the President who were with him from the day he launched his presidential ambitions , because if they had been employed they would not have been praising the President out of any lofty conviction. To me, that is hypocrisy and opportunism. We must learn to support people out of conviction about their suitability and capacity to deliver the goods. If President Koroma was this bad as a leader, why did these people try to get jobs from him ? Or did President Koroma become a bad leader only after these people failed to land jobs in government ?

I am supporting President Koroma because I believe he has the acumen and ability for the job. I have been with him since Day One, when many people did not think that he would have had a cat’s chance to win in 2007. After he won in 2007, I stayed loyal to him . I was not employed until the tail end of 2009, two years into his rule. There are many people still supporting President Koroma even though they have never got a job with him .These are people who are real loyalists and deserve praise.

If people in this category do not stop their revenge attacks on President Koroma, we will start naming and shaming them this year. We will let the public know why they are so full of venom for the President and trying to damage his name in the social media.

I have not named anybody. Margai say nor for call name ( Though when the appropriate time comes, we will boldly name them and let the public know why they are trying to ruin the President’s reputation ).

NOTE ALSO that I am not averse to criticisms of President Koroma. This can be demonstrated by the fact that I allow critical comments about him on my many forums. I practice freedom of expression in my forums, so the problem is not the criticisms, but the motives and sincerity with which people launch these criticisms, as well as whether there is any truth in these criticisms. I do not allow falsehood on my forums but will continue to uphold the tenets of free speech , once done in good faith. But the public needs to know that some of the people who have ganged up against the President on social media and forums are not patriots fighting for their country but opportunists who either  failed to get a job with the government and are angry about it or envious people who are mad because some of us got jobs.

Despite the country’s challenges, President Koroma has done a marvelous job and does not deserve the rudeness, uncouthness , incivility , bestiality and shameful hostility he is being subjected to in the social media and forums, but foxes that cannot get the grapes are the most vicious and deadly in the society.

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