Why the SLPP Govt ‘New Direction Strategy’ is Falling Apart in Sierra Leone!

By David Y. Worry

The SLPP government came in April with a seeming determination to undo the APC party but the ruling government’s strategy is falling apart.

The SLPP strategy and hopes include: That, it is inevitable Ernest Bai Koroma whom they perceive as more politically exposed than any SLPP politician may resign from politics soonest to give President Julius Maada Bio the much needed clout, which Maada has not fully enjoyed from the greater masses.

That a full blown mission to stigmatise or demonise the APC to kill the spirit of the party is a priority. That strong men and women of the APC, more particularly former Presidential Flagbearer Aspirants be incriminated to prevent them from pursuing their political dreams against 2023.

Dismantling institutions politically and strategically placed to make way for their surrogates to operate ahead of the elections: Institutions such as the Sierra Leone Police, National Electoral Commission to name but a few.


Bearing in mind that politics is a capital intensive venture; the unprecedented and exponential increment of salary for politically exposed positions in government among other wealth making means is but a ploy to financially equip their leadership.

Almost a year moving forward they are disappointed in their perception of Ernest Bai Koroma resigning as APC’s strongest man as his leadership still sends shock waves to their existence.

The SLPP is also beginning to be horrified that President Bio’s popularity is fastly dwindling among the masses and the APC is growing in numerical strength, political spirit and determination.

That former Presidential Flagbearer Aspirants save for a few “watermelon ones” are more united than they were after the APC National Delegates Conference and still command respect among their subjects.

The Bio regime is facing serious challenges and stands to face the stiffest challenge over attempts to manipulate politically placed institutions to operate in their favour amidst the growing determination to boot out an unpopular minority regime. It must be noted that the police nor NEC cannot stand against the popular will of the people when the time is up.

The Commissions of Inquiry set up by the SLPP thus becomes the obvious deal to strip APC stalwarts of their political, financial, respectability and other status, while they continue to pocket collosal salaries and banking same for elections.

Now that January is ended and the much barked about Commissions of Inquiry, the ‘last bullet’ will not be enough for the aforesaid battle and that such trigger is facing serious challenges over unconstitutionality. It is believed that the anticipated progressive step to this seeming failure is to concoct a state of “war” in the country.

Whereas the youth remain hopeless and unemployment multiplying more than ever before. Whereas cost of living for the ordinary man is accumulating worse than ever before and the “Bread and Butter” promise has become a mythe.

Whereas taxation is becoming an investment epidemic and news on insecurity signals on the country’s sign posts. Whereas the political climate is blowing on a ‘swing direction’ in Kono and Kambia.

Political analysts and strategists believe that the Commissions of Inquiry COI which is the “last bullet” cannot be enough to undo the huge human resource and political potentials of the APC ahead of 2023.

It is therefore inevitable that the SLPP government has prepared their exit less than a year into office. The New Direction strategy is falling apart as a result of the above reasons.

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