Why we need a positive change of government in Sierra Leone

By Maitland Cole (United Kingdom)


In the most simplistic of perspectives, democracy could simply be defined as government of the people, by the people and for the people. If we go by this dictum in the elections that brought the Kabba –Berewa administration to power in Sierra Leone, then why should the outgoing SLPP government now become jittery and intransigent when Sierra Leoneans now make it demonstrably clear about their preference on who governs them. As the people in and out of Sierra Leone prepare for yet the conclusive stage of the presidential election run-off, it is now becoming apparently clear that the most significant election is that of the presidential run-off on Saturday 8th September, 2007. We are almost certain that the people could be faced with election fatigue at a time like this, especially after the August 11 parliamentary and presidential elections. However, this is the route to democratic change – it could be slow but at the same time, the most politically and internationally acceptable method to change modern governments, the world over. In the past, the outgoing President Ahmed Tejan Kabba and his cohorts have always presented themselves as the people with huge democratic credentials in Sierra Leone. It is amazing how things have changed.

When the SLPP government made a social contract with the people of Sierra Leone in 1996 with lofty promises and ideals about what they would offer the country in a ‘Wutehteh’ and ‘Kolonko’ SLPP government, the people took Kabba and Berewa seriously until they began to perform very badly. Part of the many promises by the Kabba-Berewa administration were as follows{ ; we will build a bridge from Freetown to Lungi, make a Freeport, complete the Bumbuna Hydro electric project, improve education, health facilities, water supply, transportation, communication , create food security and make roads, we will develop the country’s economy. None of these have been accomplished by the Kabba-Berewa administration. For this time round and for a long time to come, it will be difficult for Sierra Leoneans to vote for the outgoing SLPP. It is inconceivable to comprehend how right and decent minded Sierra Leoneans can consider the SLPP government to be their government of the people. Those supporting SLPP are mainly those who are hooked up on primitive, tribal and sectional loyalty who in all reality have nothing to offer Sierra Leone.

The run off of the presidential elections have now been plagued by violence, political threats, wide bare faced intimidation by Kabba and his cohorts in their bid to steal their way to the State House. I am surprised that Kabba is threatening a state of emergency when he fully knows that he no longer has the mandate to do this. Cannot someone let Kabba know that he has politically passed his sell by date? His recent political speech to the nation does not hold and it does not have the constitutional teeth to bite. His term of office has ended and Parliament has been prorogued. There is no government at this point in time. All Kabba has to do is to ensure that the process is speeded up, rather than making contentious and inflammable statement that he could not implement. If he messes around with the political tolerance of the people , he would find himself paying an expensive price for this. Kabba should not take the goodwill of Sierra Leoneans for granted.


Everyone acknowledges the fact that Kabba is a failed leader and presently he wants to impose his fellow octogenarian friend, Ekuma Berewa on the people of Sierra Leone. These men have squandered the political goodwill of all patriotic Sierra Leoneans. Why is it that unsuccessful leaders have a habit of selecting political successors whom they are quite certain would do worse than them when they handed over power. Do they want people to feel that it was better when they were in power. Kabba’s hatred and unpatriotic moves for Sierra Leone is venomous and deep rooted. Every patriotic Sierra Leonean know that Berewa as Vice President is another failed leader. Surprisingly, I heard that Berewa is of the opinion that good Sierra leoneans will vote for him on September 8. What nonsense? Does Berewa himself think within his heart of hearts that Sierra leoneans can ill afford the luxury of another failed leader anymore?


As we consider the Kabba-Berewa track record, we must start asking ourselves the following questions:






Do we have regular electricity?



As we consider the Kabba-Berewa track record, we must start asking ourselves the following questions:


Do we have regular electricity?


Do we have regular and good water supply?


If I have a job, am I well paid and valued?


Am I eating good food?


What is the cost of a bag of rice?


Do I have a decent place to sleep?


How much money do I have in my pocket?


Do I have a job after graduation?


Am I very happy with this government?




Apart from those who are capable of displaying blind tribal loyalty to Sierra Leone, all decent minded Sierra Leoneans throughout the length and breadth of the country should be asking the following questions as they go to vote on 8th September 2007:


Do you want to be the one who voted for poverty hunger and hardship?


Did you want to be the one who voted for corruption?


Do you want to be the one who voted for demolition?


Do you want to be the one who voted for poor electricity, water supply, and poor health facility?


Do you want to be the one who voted for petrol scarcity, and high transport fare?


Do you want to be the one who voted for unemployment?


Do you want to be the one who voted for exorbitant house rent?


Do you want to be the one who voted for increase in the price of rice?


Do you want to be the one who voted for filth and sickness?


Do you want to be the one who voted for the extra judicial court martial execution of those 24 Sierra Leonean soldiers?




Sierra leoneans should never ebver allowed themselves to be fooled again by votiong for people who will fail to deliver the goods.. As a result of the questions asked about the failures of the SLPP government , this is why it becoces very important to have an immediate change of leadership, change of direction, change reaction, change from SLPP to APC Leadership, to change of a new gynamic and positive leadership in the person of Hon Ernest Bai Koroma. Please ensure that you voice is heard by making sure that you cast your vote properly and contribute the dynamic and positive change that Sierra Leone so badly need at a time like this.















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