Heavy torrential rainfall and floods sweep Freetown


Concerned youths in Sierra Leone are out in the massive deluge of rain fighting to save the lives of people as damaging floods swept the city of Freetown today.

Life in the Sierra Leone capital once again turned nasty, brutish and dangerous as widespread and raging flooding followed torrential rains that was persisting even as we went to press.

Many people, including children, are said to have died in this latest disaster to hit Freetown, which has not fully recovered yet from the fatal mudslide that killed thousands of residents two years ago.

A young baby born two days ago and his hapless mother were reported to have been swept away by the floods at the slum community of Kroo Bay.  At the time of writing, youths were reported to have started recovering dead bodies and a TV  footage saw two youths carrying a dead body wrapped in white shroud . They said it was the second body  they had recovered in the area.

As a result of all-night rain, which continued throughout the day today, the whole city became flooded with massive volumes of water seen making roads impassable, overflowing bridges and gutters  and driving people from their homes in flood-prone areas. AYTV and SLBC-TV  showed live footages of distress and suffering as people had to swim to return to their homes to try to salvage their properties.

Streets of Freetown , which had become rivers, were littered with vehicles trapped in the floods.

Many people were heard on TV  wailing and desperately appealing to the government to send help.

Even Freetown Water Quay was massively  flooded . A fence was broken by the floods and containers could be seen half- buried in the water.


Claudius Beckley
Reports reaching us from Bathurst Village says that this  building and  Fence collapsed on a zinc  body structured house  and killed  three ( 3) people .
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