Our Country is SICK

.Our Governments who should guard and grow our Commonwealth are corrupt. Our Opposition, who should call them out are corrupt. Our Civil Servants who should save us from their politics are corrupt.

Our Police who should arrest them are corrupt. Our judges who should jail them for this are are corrupt. Our private sector business managers are corrupt.

Our JOURNALISTS who should report on all this to us are corrupt..We The People, as we go about our day to day, are corrupt..We keep looking to all the above to change things. We NEVER look to OURSELVES as individuals to do it. *Find me a better set to change the laws!* Someone just said above.

No need. Start with yourself. Myself. Ourselves.Are you a boss? Have you been HONEST and FAIR with those you lead? Are you a market woman? Have you been SURE you didn’t add water – or worse – to that Palm Oil you sold to that woman to feed to her children? Are you a marketing manager at a mobile phone company? Are you sure you haven’t inflated the budget for supporting that show in the stadium?

We need a revolution. But not one with guns and fire. We need a PSYCHOLOGICAL REVOLUTION.Until and unless we achieve this, one mind at a time, we should not hope, that Wakanda will ever take it’s rightful place in the league of nations.

We should not hope, to ever be treated with the equality we deserve amongst the races of mankind. We should not hope that our children will be free to pursue their happiness with minimal chance of an early grave. No.

The Awkward Jedi Order of WAKANDA is NOT made of Perfect Men and Women. I myself, it’s Lord Commander, am a very sinful and terrible person. I have done MANY bad things in my life that I am sorry for.So before you dismiss me as being too self righteous, let me dismiss myself. I am NOT. A saint. I am NOT pure. And I am NOT without blame or blemish But if it was ever true that only GOOD men and women make countries, then I assure you, there sure would never ever have been GREAT Nations.

We have such a DIFFICULT job on our hands, my friends. And I fear the likes of me may never be around long enough to even start it. But even as we count our last breaths. We do so with the prayer. That YOU, the next generation. Will wake yourselves from this stupor of our parents.

The stupor that said. HE has to fix Wakanda. SHE is responsible for the corruption. THEY will bring us the change My friends. My generation is lost. We are as corrupt as our Fathers. YOU are the ones we have been waiting for. Don’t delay! Take it! And make it! We are on our way out of this life. Today is the tomorrow we dreamed about yesterday.

The President TODAY, was just someone’s classmate yesterday. So. When tomorrow comes who are YOU?History did not die with The Ceasers, my friends! Heros are not only to be read about in the past! Do you think the likes of Musa, Shaka, Nkrumah and Kenyatta, Mandeba, Cabral and Sankara will never come again? You are lying. Look at yourself in the mirror. Pick one. Any one. And be BETTER.*©️

OB Sisay*10 September 2020.London

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