By SIidikey Bakarr😎

Hon. Hindolo Gevao, Chairman of the Legislative Committe in Parliament has confirmed in an interview with the BBC that Parliament is corrupt and they covertly solicit money for approvals, pre-legislative and budgets hearings.

This is the reason we should not pampers politicians. Let’s hold them accountable, Refrain from worshipping them. Honorable Gevao did just right. I dove my heart to him for accepting the excesses in parliament. Can some one please ask why Hon. Tawa resigned from the committee of Accountability and transparency in parliament? Accept the reality is a bold step to salvage the issues on floor. .

I’ve said it over and over, Anti Corruption Commission office is useless if we have a corrupt free and objective parliament.People jump into the frey of National politics just to enrich themselves at the detriment of poor and innocent Sierra Leoneans.

The power and strength parliament has especially when executing oversight is enough to tackle all major corrupt practices in this country. Accusing our Members of Parliament is a cause for alarm and an issue we must worry about..

The people we entrust this country to cannot be trusted? This is a disgrace. We are calling on the ACC to dig into parliament and thoroughly investigate the alledged corrupt practices by certain people. I remain..

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