By Kante Knana

For many decades, the SLPP created a rouge intelligentsia.One that will stop at nothing in the quest for power.They will burn down everything, even what is left to rebuild.The history of the SLPP remind us that it is impossible to achieve a sensible consensus in decision making processes of the party.

The SLPP can never change. The bookish elites of the party have not realize that in the 21st Century era, common sense matters and not dogma, not only the philosophies or theorem that are thought and memorized in colleges and universities. After memorizing these philosophies in universities, they return to the communities to intimidate the people. The poor people have no choice but to worship and adore them. Some of the people pay penitence. Then these bookish men consider themselves as leaders…


Today, in the SLPP stronghold, the people are fed up with their very educated elites and PhDs. Not because they hate them but these elites have not used their knowledge to improve the condition of their people. Instead they use their education to suppress the people. They only consider these poor people as instruments to promote polarized politics. O SLPP, memorizing political philosophies is not the be all and end all of life. Society is a changing organism. In fact contemporary variables have undermine some of these ancient and medieval thoughts that the SLPP is mostly confined to. These so called educated elites have not been able to understand the context in which these theories were formulated and they have failed to realize that theories may grow antique. For example, a political organization can remain democratic without elections.

An organization that conduct its decision making processes on the basis of Negotiations and Consensus but very democratic than those with elections. Elections are sometimes rigged by populous views or polarization at the expense of minority and stability. Through consensus all competing parties are involved before and after decisions are made. By consensus, there is no winner or looser but everybody wins. Does the SLPP understand this Spanish or German or Hieroglyphics??? Where are the elites??? Where can we find them? What can we do to assist the SLPP??? The SLPP convention in London (about two months ago) was a theater of chaos. A lot physical confrontation and factional struggles.

The SLPP UK convention was a violent event that showcase the true colors of the party and that is the colors of violence and anarchy.

However, yesterday’s convention of the ALL PEOPLES CONGRESS PARTY UK BRANCH is a testament that the APC Party is very civilize and serious. In the APC UK Convention, Party Elders, Comrades and Stalwarts of the APC stood in one accord to make a difference. The difference is that the APC will continue to grow in unity with diversity. That the APC UK experience builds on the tradition of the APC Party and that is consensus. Unfortunately, if it was the SLPP Branch Convention there would have been excessive violence and Police intervention, while some SLPP stalwarts will even think of approaching the Privy Council in Britain for some imaginary legal interpretation.

Why so remote,   these SLPP elites? As preparation for the SLPP National Convention continues there will be many instances of violence because the leaders of the SLPP believe in violence. They have history in supporting violence. The SLPP National Convention will be hot… It will be very very hot… KNANA KANTHE

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