Maada Bio and Sengeh turn 63rd Independence Anniversary to a contest between Satanic power and God’s power


By Paul Kamara

I am drawn to a State House release calling for both Muslims and Christians to offer special prayers to commemorate Salone’s 63rd independence anniversary;
which elicited a comment from Brother Mike Massaquoi.

Muslims are requested to pray on Friday the 26; then an inter-faith service at State House on Saturday the 27, to be followed by a Christian service on Sunday 28.















Brother Mike however, poked at President Bio that:” after committing so much havoc for the last six years, Satan has finally turned to God, but will God forgive him? Its a big NO!”

It is interesting to note, that both Samura Kamara of the APC and President Bio of the SLPP are Catholics; and the motto of that faith is the TRUTH. It simply means, that they should be guided at all times; by that TRUTH which comes from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

But I also know, that both belong to secret societies; like Lodge, Poro, Wonde, Ojeh etc. Infact, it is said they also visit or listen to morraymen the Nigerians call babalawo. In short, they mix both traditional or syncretic societies with their Catholic faith. But Jesus told His followers; not to serve both God and Mammon/Satan at the same time.

Those who worship Baal/Satan built iron gods and performed rituals; with priests and priestesses; who dance and bow in obeisance. And with fire blazing in underground furnaces manipulated by false priests; they threw jewels and all sorts of treasures; including screaming virgins down its gaping jaws as sacrifice. In some of our own societies; certain rituals include human sacrifices, or monies and dollars to satiate esoteric devils. The sacrifice of blood is highly symbolic in such cultic rituals.

For the Catholic, Jesus Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice with His blood as an atonement for our sins. And there is no need therefore, to offer any other earthly sacrifice. Infact, most members of both the Christian and Muslim faiths; belong to secret societies. And it has become a tradition that you cannot rule Salone or be a politician; if you are not inducted in these societies.

After Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights and was hungry; the first test by Satan was for Him to turn stone into bread. Satan wanted Him to be a part of his own cultic world; like the magic worked out by Pharaohs men; when he didn’t want to release the Israelites from bondage in Egypt. Or, like most politicians do; on the pretext, that God does not exist in politics; thus the practice of agba satanism is rife. But Jesus told Satan that man does not live by bread alone; but by every word of God. But is this not true of our politicians; or for Bio and Samura to worship false idols?

Again, Satan took Him to a spire and told Jesus; that he would give Him power and riches if only He worship him. Most politicians worship God only in name; but can do anything for power and money; thus, the concept of dog eat dog. Our leaders and politicians; are therefore, an embodiment of satanism. But Jesus told Satan that it is written that one should serve the One and Only True God. Thus, the agents, powers, princes and principalities of this world are our leaders and politicians; and they abound in every govt institution and beyond.

Jesus said that His own true followers would pass thru the gates He has opened for them; and would hear His voice and follow Him. They are those who are guided by His TRUTH; with love, compassion, forgiveness and humanity for the world. They will suffer all sorts of persecutions, trials and tribulations for His Name sake. But He is the good Sheperd; and His flock would hear His voice and follow Him and protect them. But then He said that: the work in the vineyard is plentiful; but the labourers are few. How many leaders and politicians have proven to be righteous and selfless for Salone?

Rather, our leaders and politicians prefer not to walk thru the main gate that could’ve transformed Salone into a paradise or Lichtenstein; just bcos of their evil and rapacious ways. Instead of the main gate of Christ, they prefer to do the biddings of Satan by jumping over the wall like a thief. And the result; is to steal, kill and destroy. This is what the evil dogma of: usai den tie cow nar dae e for eat, dog eat dog, den say Bailor Barrie u say Davidson Nicol; continues to wrought on Salone. Bcos, our leaders prefer to wine and dine with the devil.

The tragedy of Salone is the lack of a selfless, God-fearing, incorruptible and patriotic leader. Every leader since independence decided to jump over the wall; to steal, kill and destroy. Even after the terrible rebel war and the admonitions of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report; our leaders and politicians have learnt nothing; and forgotten nothing! See, how they have destroyed such a beautiful country; that should be flowing with milk and honey.

And when Mike is asking the question whether God will forgive Bio; I am not God to pass judgment on any leader or politician. But what I know, is that the curse of Gov Clarkson is still haunting us that: God should punish us in this world; but to forgive us in the world hereinafter. Instead of taking advantage of our vast human and natural resources; we turned away from God and took to evil ways; to the extent, that we eat human flesh to satisfy Satanic and cultic practices.

This cannibalistic practice is also contained in the TRC Report; that we are eaters of human flesh; and the ICC indictment of Chief Hinga Norman’s 98 pogroms; where this practice was so widespread to earn the name “yamoto.” It is thought that after Salone’s past bitter experiences; the leadership of both Ernest and Bio could’ve done better, but alas! Today, the people are groaning under the yoke of unbearable hardship, tribalism, unbridled corruption and tyranny; more than ever before.

Perhaps, that was why after the end of the war; when former British High Commissioner Alan Patridge asked a Ghanaian diplomat; what would save Salone? He replied that: only God would save Salone.

In the APC, the Team A and the likes of Yansaneh and Minkailu Mansaray are disciples of satanism; just as most flagbearer aspirants and vast majority of followers. In the SLPP, both ACC boss Keifala and Chief Minister Sengeh have been inducted into the Wonde; as a first step to leadership.

Ernest asked the TRC to forgive the sins of the APC; but his conduct in office showed little remorse and unrepentant. But Kabbah did not, but boasted that SLPP did not commit any crimes against Salone; even though he was banned in 67 never to hold any public office where honesty and integrity is the watchword. But if Bio is sincere and ask for repentance and change his evil ways; then Jesus said He did not come to save the perfect; but to forgive and bring sinners into His Kingdom.

In conclusion, I am tempted to evoke the message, or rather prophesy embedded in Amara Kabba’s album: Confront It that; God will send us a leader who everybody acknowledges to hold the truth in the land; and who has the power, the courage and experience to rule this country in a Godly way.

A freedom fighter like Mandela, Bai Bureh; a man who will bring love and compassion like Jesus, Mohamad. And that he is a prophet that will arrive in the Turning Revolution. And has suffered the persecutions of both APC and SLPP. And that no matter how the APC sun is hot; or the SLPP tide is high; he is the Conqueror sent by God.

This prophesy is also evident in the historical account of the rebel war by FBC lecturer, Dr Ibrahim Abdallah captured in the preface of: Bushpaths To Destruction with a quote by ITA Wallace Johnson the founder of the APC National Youth League that:

The youths would one day elect a radical leader who would restore our status back to the Athens of West Africa; and make us an envy not only to Africa but the rest of the world.

We are therefore, waiting for the Turning Revolution 2028!

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